Do any of you work at chanel? (SA's) If so, help.

  1. Hi. I was just wondering if any of you that post on this forum actually work at chanel. i think ive read some post by some SA's but i could be completely mistaken. sorry.

    however. i was just wondering how you got your job? like did you just walk in and talk to a manager? and how much knowledge about the brand you had before you applied? did you wear chanel to your interview? lol did it help? did you have high end retail experience? oh yeah and what is the age range of people that work there?

    This is kinda for me. i would love to work at chanel, but im not moving to LA in atleast a year or two. i am an SA and the mens specialist at my GAP. and so im just trying to gage myself. if that makes sense? like would you guys recommend anything me do in the time i have? is it even possible to get a job?

    thanks so much.
  2. PM chanelboy. I believe he's a Chanel SA.
  3. you can PM xostepxo, she is also one.
  4. LOL! I always think about this...and why wouldn't Chanel want a lawyer who is only in it for the discount (assuming SA's get one!!!) working as an SA???
    Every time new stock came in I would be snagging all the goodies for myself!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  5. Chanel SA's do get discount, but they are limited to the amount they can spend every year. Probably for their own good lol.
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao: so true!!