Do any of you wear your bright white caviar bags in the fall and winter?

  1. I've been lusting after a white caviar flap but now summer is almost over. What to do? should I snap one up now (I won't be using it for the next couple weeks because I have a lot of traveling to do and wouldn't take this with me)...or should I wait to see if I still want the bag one spring comes along?
  2. Snap one up now.

    If you don't buy it and decide you want it next spring, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't get it pre-increase.

    A White Caviar flap is a classic. IMO, a must have in any collection.
    I you buy it now and change your mind come spring, it will be easy to unload and recoup 100% of what you paid as long as it's unused.
  3. I have one and if I find the right outfit i will wear it all year-round.

    I don't follow those silly rules about no white after labor day:tdown:

    I wear whatever I want, whenever I want

    Get one while you can:yes:
  4. I would get it now if you can, I'll wear my white pst if it goes with my outfit regardless of the time of year....the only issue is having the winter clothes to go with it.
  5. i've always carried my medium white caviar flap in the winter. it has only been brought to my attention recently that we aren't supposed to wear white during the winter. but i don't think im going to care. :nogood:
  6. Exactly. DON't care. That rule is so ridiculously old.:supacool:
    Does anyone ever still follow it anyway???:confused1:
  7. thanks so much for the great advice!
  8. Rocherchic, I was thinking exactly this yesterday. I want to get a white flap but summer is almost over here in the Northeast and I know I won't be using it in the winter. I'm still going to get one though, hehe! Which size are you getting?
  9. Even if you are not going to use it right away I would get it now...

  10. I'm in the ne too! I'd like to get the jumbo. How about you?
  11. You know, the whole "don't wear white after Labor Day" thing was originally only about shoes. You weren't supposed to wear white shoes after Labor Day. It wasn't about clothing or other things. :smile: And what about "winter white"? (Which is more of an off white, I know, but not the point. *L*) I think white in fall and winter are fine.
  12. When I was back in the midwest, I stored my white/cream bags because of the weather conditions. It was hard to use them because I didnt' want icky dirty snow or other things to get on them. But if I knew I was going to be in doors mostly, like at a wedding or something, and that bag matched my outfit best I'd use it.

    I guess I kinda see it as Chanel is never out of style or season. :smile: Usually when I carry out a lighter bag in the "winter" months people dont' see the white, they see the Chanel.

    I am lucky to be in CA now...where I use them all year round.
  13. Get it! I have it in the jumbo & absolutely LOVE it! Even though I live in the south I have always followed the "rules" about no white after labor day(I'd like to know who created that rule??) Anyway this year I plan to break the hubby said he heard that white is the new black anyway so come on and join me!:tup::yahoo:
  14. :yahoo:Me too!!!! And of course for the Saks, EGC! :wlae:
  15. OK!!! I'm in!!! Anyone with a handle like Rockerchic better break atleast a few lame rules!:supacool: