Do any of you trim your dog or cat's nails yourself?

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  1. I'm such a weenie to do it because Toby's nails are black and i don't know where to cut because i can't see the quick and i don't want him to bleed!:sad:
    I usually take him to petsmart but this past time that my parents took him the girl who was there (she was young and new) refused to do it because she says after numerous attempts Toby was "scratching her" and not "allowing her" to do the job.:rolleyes: Even though we have taken him there before and never had that problem!
    :rant: So I'm kind of just fed up with groomers and would much rather just do it myself but I'm scared to do do you guys get it done?
  2. Black nails are harder for sure...and doing by yourself is harder on top of that unless your doggie is super melo and let you do whatever you want with his/her paws! I tend to be conservative when clipping black toenails. You can kinda tell where the quick is and you just 'trim' away rather than cutting a chunk...unless the nails are so long you are confident you can cut much. How about your veterinary hospital? They may do it for a small fee without paying exam fee, etc.
  3. Thanks tiramisu, problem is the vet's i was taking Toby to were some friends my family knew and they moved and now i have no idea where to take toby. I want to find a good comfortable place to take him for his check ups and shots and what not i just have not found one yet. So the whole nail thing i have to take care of soon considering his nails are growing like a weed! I wish i found a grooming place that really takes care of their animals...a few places i have gone they are so pushy and not welcoming. :s
  4. One of my pups has black nails and it is more difficult, especially as she hates having it done, so it's a two person, lots of food treats for distraction, job!!

    Personally, I use toe nail clippers, as I was never able to get on with any of the animal claw clippers. I find I can be much more acurate with the toe nail clippers, and as previously mentioned, I trim, rather than attempting to clip off a big bit at a time.

    Good luck!

  5. My best friend is a dog groomer, so I get house calls for my three dogs' nails. My friend tells me though that if you over-trim your dog's toenails, and they start to bleed, just put some flour on the nail, and it will stop the bleeding. It's an old wive's tale that they'll bleed to death from a bleeding toenail.

    I've trimmed my two dogs' nails myself with no problems. My one dog is VERY hyper and tries to kill the vet and/or my friend when they try to cut his nails, so his I have to do myself. What I do is I stand at the front door and hold him, so that he can look out. He loves looking out the door. Then I cut his nails while he's looking out the door. It distracts him, and he doesn't realize what's happening.
  6. Eclair doesn't care if I clip her nails, but Faye will give me hell. She bites most of her own nails, I believe to avoid clippings, so I rarely have to clip them myself, but when I do, it takes two people and a lot of patience. I use regular finger nail clippers, because the animal ones do not seem to work as well for me.

    Always keep styptic powder on hand. You can buy it for fairly cheap at Petsmart. If you cut too deep and they bleed, just dip their nail into it to stop bleeding!

    When it comes to black nails, I've done my sister's rat terrier/chihuahua's a few times. I hold her nails up to the light to see where the blood ends. This works with some dog's nails, but not with others.
  7. Yes, but I get soo nervous doing it!:nuts:
  8. no way, they are both squirmy mc squirmersons, I'm afraid of taking a toe off. We get it done at the vet. Actually we just found out tuesday's is free day Hooray!
  9. I wouldn’t dare trim my pugs nails, even though I worked as a kennel assistant at an animal hospital and did it to other dogs for years. My 3 pugs have completely black nails and I can’t see the wick at all. I just can’t think about the thought of hurting them or making them bleed. I’d feel horrible. Plus pugs are notorious for hating nail trimmings. A pug that used to come into the animal hospital I worked at would scream like he was dying as soon as he saw the nail trimmer. He’d scream like that when we weren’t even touching him. My pugs are actually pretty good when it comes to getting their nails trimmed; no screaming just a little wiggling around. I just take mine to a groomer or my vet. Petsmart actually does a good job too and they are quick. At Petsmart after they get their nail trimmed I walk them around the store and buy them treats for being good, so they like going to Petsmart a lot. Also I walk mine around the neighborhood a lot on cement so it naturally files the nail away. We recently got hardwood installed in our house and that has seemed to help them stay shorter too but 12 legs tapping around on hardwood can be loud.
  10. I've trimmed my cats' nails. My dad has to hold each cat, though. So they don't take swings at him, he'llwear leather gloves (I call them his Falconer's gloves) and his leather bomber jacket. (We even started wrapping Louis's hind legs in a towel. He is SO much more difficult than Willie is.)

    Use groomers' nail scissors rather than fingernail clippers. Hold the scissors vertically rather than horizontally. (The nails are more likely to split if you hold the scissors that way.)

    If they fuss, just soothe them and say, "You're okay." I give them a treat when they're done. Later on, I also like to pick them up and cuddle them.

    With black nails, just trim the tip if you're worried about hitting the quick. It's better to trim too little than to trim too much.

    If you REALLY can't handle it, have a vet or a groomer do it.
  11. Make sure you don't go too deep, especially if you can't see the nail bed! I trim my cat's nails myself with regular clippers. Or else he tries to chew them off himself. They can get too long and uncomfortable if the cat/dog isn't outside much on concrete wearing them down naturally.
  12. I always trim my cat's nails. She's used to me doing it now so she doesn't freak out. I usually try to trim them when she is asleep or almost asleep because then she gives me no trouble at all. The vet always offers to trim them but I decline because she's more comfortable having me do it.
  13. No way. Groomer or Vet for me.
  14. Yep, I trim both of my dogs' nails. Ginger requires the help of my boyfriend, since she hates having them done, but Kizzy doesn't mind. I just try to get hers done while she's sleepy, otherwise she thinks the clippers are a new toy.

    I wouldn't try doing them yourself, though, until a vet can show you how. Until then, take your pet in to have them done. If you're on the lookout for a new vet, this would be a great time to go find one (better now than in an emergency situation!). See if you can get any recommendations from your friends, family, co-workers, etc. then make an appointment. You could tell them you are looking for a new vet and would like to schedule a routine check-up and nail trim.

    Which reminds me... time to trim their nails AND schedule a vet appointment.
  15. I can trim my cat's nails.. cuz I can actually see where its growing from.. but not my dog... His nails are black too.. I can't even tell where to start.. Usually I just bring him to grooming salon get his nail trimmed....