do any of you sell on?

  1. i was just wondering, do any of you sell on your used shoes? i have quite a collection of different designer shoes, but have never sold on eBay or any such like. there are a few i rarely wear though, so maybe i should start to pass them on...
  2. I have never sold my used shoes but for what I have seen on eBay, they sell very well.
  3. I have but never got close to what I paid. Even if the shoes were only worn a few times. Never hurts to try. Its better than giving them away.
  4. I have not bought or sold used shoes on eBay. As far as selling, I am worried that someone would want to return them and ask for their money back because of sizing. I am not that concerned with getting all of my money back, but I think something is better than nothing. I have a couple of shoes that I do not plan on wearing in the foreseeable future and it would be nice to make room in my closet. As far as buying, I cannot bring myself to buy used shoes. I would consider "gently used" and it would have to be in pristine condition.
  5. I sell pre-loved shoes on eBay all the time. But I'm not very hard on my shoes (especially work shoes) because I don't wear them outside. I change into tennies to go outside. So when I do sell them, they're in excellent condition.

    I have found, though, that well recognized brands sell best, and if you did pay full price, don't expect anywhere near what you paid for them. Usually I sell Pradas for about $50 and Manolo Blahniks for $100.