do any of you put a piece of plastic in ur bags for support?

  1. i was wondering wether ppl do this or not. i'm tempted to get plastic sheets, cut them to size and to place them at the bottom of some of my bags, like the bv or maybe even the mamma mia so they don't droop at the bottom. altho, i do like the fact that if there is nothing there, the bag is flexible and i can squish it if i need to cram it somewhere, like my locker.

    your thoughts?
  2. I don't have BV or anything like that, but if I did I'd definitely put plastic sheets on the bottom cause that's the main thing that bothers me about the bag >_> it doesn't keep its shape...
    and you could always fold the bottom up (like brown paper bags) and still be able to put it on the side of your locker?
  3. Hrm, I don't have a problem with my BV, but if I did, I'd def. put a plastic holder uper. lolol.
    I have a problem with campeggio and stellina being in place though... at the main top zipper... it sinks in =[
  4. i want to try this on my gioco
  5. I just bought two we will see how that goes...I might end up putting a plastic at the bottom for support...sounds like a good idea...
  6. I have not, but I know several girls on the forums who do and they seem to love the support and organization they bring. I guess stuff shifts a little less with the support on the bottom.
  7. I seen on the tokidoki blog a lady cut the flexible plastic cutting boards to the size of her bv, gioco, and scuola to keep the shape. I tried to and it works amazing! No sagging at all...
  8. working great in my bv and gioco!
  9. works great on other LSS bag too. i have it in my molly, lg nolita and med tribeca tote.