Do any of you post on ebay message board?

  1. Have been reading over there, and well, some of those ladies act like they own the place...belittle you if you ask a question etc. Is this true for all the eBay boards?

    Thanks everyone for being so nice and not thinking comments or questions are
    :confused1: stupid.
  2. Pretty much all of the eBay boards are like that. I've learned to stay away.
  3. thanks for the heads up. I did have eBay question...quess I better post them somewhere eles.:shrugs:
  4. There's an ebay subforum on tpf - you could probably get help there:

    I can believe that the ebay boards are scary. This is actually the only "online community" I've ever participated in. I've always been a "lurker" on any other forum b/c I saw others getting demeaned online and thought, "no thanks!" But everyone here is really nice and helpful. . .

    and total enablers! LOL!
  5. I've posted on there once or's always the same.
  6. I posted a few times there when people questioned authenticity, I put my 2 cents in and immediately 2 or 3 people post to wait for someone "who knows what they are talking about" posts???!!!

    After that I was like no thank you, I will stay far far away.

    This board really is one of the few places I have seen online that things are always polite and welcoming!:popcorn: Im stayin'!!!
  8. I posted once asking for assistance with a purchase from German eBay and received some nasty replies saying that I had no business buying from German eBay (since I'm in the US). I thought it was snarky and not very helpful. :sad:
  9. How silly is that! You can buy from wherever you want. They were probably ticked because most of them are US sellers and don't wanna lose business.
  10. i have found that they do have strong opinions, but are very good with authentications. there are some fun people on there. lots of personality.
  11. oh, and to answer the question, occasionally.
    if you are a seller on ebay, use a seperate posting id for auction safety. lots of shady business going on.