Do any of you own a Longchamp wallet?

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  1. Hello all! Happy New Year all! So I'm considering buying a wallet and was considering a Longchamp. I saw one I liked when I was in NYC and today I saw a few on their sale page. How do you like it? Is it roomy? Is it light? I'm considering purchasing one, but wanted opinions of those who have/have had one. Thanks in advance for the info.

  2. I have 2 le pliage cuir zip arounds, in 2 sizes. I have only used one of them. It's lightweight and soft (but not flimsy) and the leather and construction are nice. It's not hard to get your cards in and out of the card slots.
    My main problem is that the zipper is not smooth. I tried rubbing wax paper over it and just using it for a few weeks but it's still awkward. I'll probably try something else on it when I get around to it...

    What wallets were you interested in?
  3. here are my LC wallets.

    4 foulonne
    1 LPCuir
    1 Quadri

    LMK if u have any questions

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  4. I'm looking at one called the Balzane continental wallet. I've had such a hard time finding a wallet I like. They are too bulky or too small. So I was thinking of Longchamp. I wish I had had more time to look at the NYC store.

  5. How do you like them?
  6. I was looking at those online too…wondering if I should give the continental style a try, as I don't have of them. And I never seem to be completely pleased with any wallet. I think it's harder to buy a wallet online w/o seeing it in person than a handbag sometimes!

  7. I know that feeling! The only wallet I've ever been satisfied with was LV French purse wallet. I had it for 20 years and took all kinds of abuse until it finally couldn't take it anymore. I loved that wallet, but LV prices are ridiculous considering the quality now is not like it was years ago. So I've tried Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry and I haven't been happy. That's why I'm considering a Longchamp. What to do?
  8. not really sure what u are looking for? it's hard to compare a canvas (lv) with leatha (bullhide in the case of balzane). generally lc wallets wear well if u tale a look at used wallets on ebay but the balzane wallet will probably be made in africa. even if it comes with a card that says 'made in france' it might be stamped otherwise inside the card slot.

  9. Thanks for the info. Do you think if I called LC they'd tell me over the phone where it's made?

  10. No, bc most of them are not made in a simgle factory.
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  11. So if it says made in France, it may not be so?
  12. Both my travel wallets came with cards that said "Made in France" but I eventually looked inside the card slot and they said "made in China", stamped in gold letters inside the card slot.

  13. That's awful!

  14. That color is so pretty! Thanks for the description. Does it say made in France?
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