Do any of you notice

  1. When you carry your bags people seems to bump into you alot. I mean physically. I seem to always have people joisling into my bags. With other bags never seems to happen. H seems to be a magnet. Just wondering if it was me?
  2. I think it is a similar phenomenon to when you have a new car, and take care to park it well away from other vehicles. The moment you do so, someone comes along and parks perilously close to it, being careless of their doors, strollers, shopping carts!! Same theory with precious bags, there is always someone who will bang into it, knock you into a wall bagside:cursing:, or rush past it spilling hot coffee....So no it isn't just you!
  3. No I cant say I do, but then am normally rushing around bashing into other people myself.
  4. Maybe because the size of the bag. I think I've accidently hit others with my bag. ha ha
  5. Same phenomenon I had when I was pregnant and trying to navigate through a crowded metro station. I was repeated careened into, until I started to fold my arms with my elbows sticking out. Then it stopped.

    Maybe it's the rate we're walking because we're being careful with our bag/baby?? It's like we're the lone slow molecule among a million others going really fast, so there's a chance we'll be bombarded :p
  6. I know that I have accidentally hit people with my bag. Yipes! Just have to keep repeating..."sorry"
  7. no. i think you are just concious of your bag and concerned about it
  8. I think you just notice more because you're trying to protect your bag.
  9. Happens to me all the time. I'm so careful not to bump into anyone but I'm constantly getting bumped into. I use to think it was me.
  10. Birkins and Kellys are fairly structured bags, and at the 30 cms and above, they are fairly large. It is no wonder that people often bump into them. My other bags are all either squishy bags, e.g. Balenciaga, Chloe Paddingtons, Bottega Venatas, or smaller shoulder bags that are tucked under the arm, e.g. Chanel. These bags don't get bumped as much because they are usually held closer to the body. And even if my larger Balenciagas and Paddingtons do get bumped, they take the impact much better because they are squishy, and therefore the bumps are less noticeable.

    Oh, and I never noticed my Picotin or Lindy getting bumped much, partly because they are squishy, and partly because I hold them close in front of me in crowded places, since the Picotin has a wide-open top, while my Lindy is croc (and therefore must be protected!).

    I tend to agree with some of the above posters that you are probably also a little more conscious when you carry your H.
  11. I agree with you! I am also too cautious when I carry my birkin...:smile:
  12. I notice this too especially in nyc so i switch hands when i see somebody coming or turn my body b/c i know if i don't they'll bang right into it.
  13. When I first started to collect Hermes, I was given good advice by a long time wearer. She said to stay away from 35 sellier Kellys because they were like battering rams! Of course if you are in a crowded city, it is more of a problem. In a car culture like mine, it isn't a problem.
  14. I've often wanted to buckle up my bag and whack people over the head with mine. the city will do that to you. then i remember i love my bag so i don't do it. LOL
  15. I had a hand held bag that Mr T insisted I stop using because I whacked DS on the head so many times with it by accident. DS was about 4 and his head was around waist height.

    I switched to shoulder bags after that and have honestly found them easier to manage.