Do any of you Minkettes own any Chanel, Marc Jacobs or other bags with chains?

  1. Same here (love the double flap) although with the price increases :shucks:

    I hope RM makes more large Affairs with silver hardware, the gold just isn't me.
  2. It was so opened/board & then you seemed to have been MIA ... Calm down
  3. Thank you! :lolots:
  4. Precisely!
  5. Yes! This! I like that RM incorporates chains & tassles into her bags I love anything edgy! RM is cutting edge!
  6. Thank you for understanding :wave:
  7. No worries thank you for apologizing! No need to really but it's appreciated! Now back to the fun!!!:balloon:
  8. I will probably get a black swing with ghw! Love my green one!

    My fave brands (in no particular order) are: Chanel, Bal, LV (not mono though), RM, Alexander Wang, MBMJ, MJ, and Celine!!!
  9. Oh & I also hope RM does more rose gold hardware. If I come across a plum colored studded affair man oh man!:yahoo:
  10. :hugs:
  11. I much prefer RM new rose gold hw and I too also love her silver hw. I agree with someo of the girls here, bright yellow gold hw is just not me ;)
  12. Yes Kiwi agreed I'm not too much of a gold hardware fan in general (any brand) although I do own a couple ghw bags...I think ghw is pretty it just doesn't suit me as well