Do any of you Minkettes own any Chanel, Marc Jacobs or other bags with chains?

  1. I know RM is much more "affordable" but I'm just curious...
  2. yes, why?
  3. Yes, I own a MJ large Single. Why? Do you need to know comparisons on something?
  4. I also own several Chanel bags, but I'm not understanding what your question is.
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    Own a Chanel bag, have always looved MJ because of the chains, and plan to buy an RM soon.

    I do see RM as a stylish, affordable alternative to the chain designs of Chanel and MJ, if that is what you're asking!
  6. yes...i have chanel, balenciaga, proenza, AND RM. Love them all!
  7. oh wow, i never thought of RM as a "cheaper alternative" to Chanel or MJ other major designers. I just thought she had very chic, contemporary designs, that happened to be at an affordable price point.

    I never even compared her chain design aesthetic to being a "copy-cat" of those other brands. Interesting view. But I still can't see RM that way, not as a copy-cat, nope.

    Of course, I like the chains of Chanel and MJ better, because they are thicker, nicer quality, but to me, RM has her own aesthetic and I'm all for it (most times, anyway). Her products are just too damn cute!!! But the designs of each brand aren't the same, so it's not as though I feel like I'm buying something just as cute, but at a cheaper price. Not at all. I just like RM for the sake of liking her designs...not because they have similar characteristics in design to more expensive brands, and it's cheaper.

    My mind set toward RM is like this:

    First thing I think is, "Wow, those items are adorable and hot!"
    Then I go, "Oh awesome! I can afford it too?! JACKPOT!!!"
    It's a double win for me! lolol Who doesn't love that!?!
  8. Yes, why? You want a comparison or something?
  9. Well said Disco!

    I feel the same way - I love RM's fact, it is her Affair that got me to commit all over again. I bought the Affair not because I wanted something that "looks like MJ or Chanel" (it doesn't really). It has a chic vibe all its own. It just so happens that it is reasonably priced compared Chanel and MJ :smile:
  10. ^^So true! My large affair has completely culled my previous desire for a Chanel Flap!
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    I too own few Channels and others.
    I currently in mad love with RM and have never thought like "I am buying RM because I can't afford Channel"...?
    It seems to me that few ladies here in RM forum (include me) can afford a Channel or two if she really wants it instead of buying a ton of RMs... Who knows, I might be buying one Kelly bag only next year but right now I love and wants to buy RM. Buy what you love, nothing less!
  12. I can't agree more. ;)
  13. Great post Disco! I couldn't agree more!
  14. well i think we scared that one off
  15. Lol

    I am still wondering where this was headed