Do any of you LV Lovers have your own *Blog*?

  1. I've read a few TPFers blogs and I enjoy reading them but I want to read more! :tup: Anyone have your own blog?
  2. My two are in my signature.. Frankie Quite Frankly (the Tiffany padlocks) is my kind of everything one, though I post in it very irregularly, and the other one is my training blog.

    In fact, I'm in desperate need of updating both! :blush:
  3. This thread just prompted me to update my blog.. I've a strong feeling that most of my posts from now on will be Vuitton related! :p
  4. i enjoy reading people's LV related blogs too. i don't update often, but here's mine: Excess Baggage
  5. ^^^^^^^

    i didn't know that was you!! I like reading your blog!
  6. I guest blog here on tPF...every Tuesday is 'Tuesday with Twiggers'..strictly related to LV!
  7. I have been blogging for over nine years.
  8. thanks ! :shame: add comments or just say hi anytime and tell me how I can update it to be better!
  9. No i'm scared by them tbh! I can just imagine it! I would get a stalker!