Do any of you look at your extensive handbag collection

  1. and feel like you have nothing to wear?? I am having tht issue right now and it's kinda crazy since I buy like 2 a week...The ones I bought a month ago that are brand new, never worn, all of a sudden aren't too exciting? I never wore it but I'm tired of it?? Let me know if any of you do this...:nogood::nogood::shrugs::shrugs::confused1::confused1:
  2. I do that too! Sometimes it happens between the time I order it and the time it gets in my hands! :shrugs: I guess I'm fickle!
  3. It's horrible. It's the story of my purse life.....bags that I thought I loved, I put on the next week and I'm like "yuck - I have fat arm" or "yuck what was I thinking? this color looks like poo" or "do I really need this particular style in every single solitary color ever known to man?"

    No - it's a vicious cycle - one that makes me think I'm going to be a different person, a little happier, a little bit different if I could only have -----(fill in the blank)....the hunt, the purchase, the waiting, and then blomb. It's over and I'm depressed onto the next acquisition which lends me to believe that I have an OCD problem with this whole bag buying thing. If it's not one thing it's another. Before I discovered bags, I was obsessed on children's bedding...yes, children's bedding....not crap bedding...I'm talking Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids......:wtf:

    So I went through my handbag collection today and have felt woefully depressed. I'm back into wearing my trusted and lovely Fiore Audra bag - and I can be pretty assured that she will never leave my side. Whenever I'm depressed and I put her on, my heart is happy. I put on a Lucy...a Marcelle....uh....I'm not as sure anymore, but that's because I have them all. I'm parting with a few - but I'm fine with that....:s I think that the bag that truly fits my body to a tee is the Sienna......:jammin:

    So you're not alone....
  4. Bingo. Ditto. Exactly. Only my previous (or rather, OTHER) obsession is yarn. Not just cheap acrylic blends, which I do still buy, but hand dyed Japanese silk blends, organic cottons, various ridiculously expensive imports, etc. We had to buy a shed (complete with loft - my son has often commented if we ran electricity to it he would live in it!) to store it all. My bags then took up the space in the house the yarn previously occupied. And I'm with you on the Audra. I still have two that will never leave my hands. I adore them! :girlsigh:
  5. Oh my god! Did you sell some Koobas lately because I remember hitting the other items for sale by this seller button and there was yarn, fancy yarn.. Was that you!!! How funny if it was!!!!
  6. This is sooo sad! At least we have friends in this world. I have an obsession problem also where it goes from one thing to another. Before the purses it was Starbucks, then before that designer jeans, then plants for landscaping.. It goes on and on.. :nuts:
  7. My children too have the most beautiful bedding and quilts on earth! Too funny. My DH says "another quilt" the pile of folded quilts in my 2 year olds room needs to go to eBay :smile: Now it's handbags and yes, dear Wolfy, you are certainly not alone. I need to put photos on the outside of the sleeper bags so I don't forget who is in there. A couple haven't seen the light of day yet. But the thrill of another on the way makes a cold midwestern day seem more thrilling!

  8. Oh do I know that feeling!!!! I love it!! There are 3 on the way currently!!
  9. Yes!!!! I did the same thing and was wondering the same thing!!!! Koobame I bet you have some gorgeous creations to show for these gorgeous yarns!

  10. You know what's the most hilarious thing about all this, was that I decided that LV was too expensive these days, but now I have 12 Koobas...
  11. Right, I could have bought a Balanciaga with the cash spent on the Kooba's
  12. Yeah, what are we doing???????? I was thinking of having a "blowout" sale this weekend and then going and buying the LV that I thought was too much. Actually it still is and will always be too much. Now I want a Gustto Baca.. Oh, you already know that.. :smile:
  13. jchiara, you really have hit the nail on the head. It's an unhealthy obsession. I have managed to slow down lately, thankfully, although I still would like to find a desert Marcelle and a red Chloe Silverado one day, but I'm in no rush. They're the only bags I would like right now, although after Shewolfy posted pics of her Botkier Bianca in bone - WOW, that made my heart beat faster. Gorgeous bag.

    My only other passion is antique carpets. My hubby and I have a problem saying no to those when we're shopping here in Saudi Arabia or Dubai, but we are getting better.... we saw 4 carpets we loved at the weekend, but walked away from them. That is a FIRST for us! Maybe our sickness is waning. I hope so.
  14. shewolfy & posk51: I've listed several bags lately. It could very well have been me, though the yarn currently languishing in my store is lower end. The Noro and Colinette always get snapped up quickly. I keep meaning to add some of the higher end stuff. I take it out....sort...and end up putting it right back. It's as bad as with the bags. :girlsigh:
  15. I bet it was you! :lol: