Do any of you ladies...ever drink too much???

  1. :heart: Just curious....I think I have been drinking too much lately...and I do not like it!!! Just wondered if anyone else felt the same.
  2. i do...but i am a light weight so after 1 or 2 i am pretty gone
  3. I don't. I never drink alcohol... just because I really don't like it. :yucky: Sometimes it's a bit boring when all your friends are drunk and you aren't :upsidedown:
  4. i could use a big ol' drink right now.

    i don't drink very much for a college student at a party school, but i do occassionally have one too many.
  5. No...alcohol is actually pretty caloric!
  6. I've only been drunk two times in my 51 years. Both times were because I didn't realize how strong the drinks were. That was back in my YAS days (young and stupid).

    I've gotten tipsy a few times on champagne, but other than that, I pretty much stick to my glass or so of red wine. I don't know if it's getting older or what, but that's about all I can handle before I fall asleep!

    I'm such a cheap drunk these days! :drinkup:
  7. i do amanda,... i can go months and months not havign a drop. but then when i start i end up drinkign alot. and i heard they are FULL of calories.. eugh
  8. Nope. I like to drink just to the point of "feeling good", if you know what I mean. I miust admit, I've been stuck on Mojito's lately - but maybe one a week if that.........

    I never, ever get drunk though. I HAVE been, though and can't stand that feeling - especially the next morning. URGGHHHHH!
  9. Aside from all the teenage drinking-as-much-as-you-can-in-a-short-space-of-time that most of us have been through, I used to drink rather excessively, usually when there was something major going on in my life - it became a bit of a problem at one time, a few years ago, so i weaned myself off.:shame: :angel:

    But now? I rarely touch the stuff...i would rather have a nice cuppa tea..:wlae:
  10. Occasionally I get blasted. Most weekends I drink to the point of "feeling good", but sometimes I want to get trashed, college-student style :nuts: I pay for it the next day, but the night before sure is fun!
  11. I haven't consumed alcohol in almost a year (too many empty calories), but I have overdone it before. It's not the worth the headache and vomiting, I can tell you that. After that nasty incident, I was very careful not to overimbibe when I was out with friends. Now I just drink diet soda. I don't need to be wasted to have a good time.
  12. I think after being such a SAINT this summer that Im home again I just have been living it up....IM OVER IT NOW!!! Ughhhhh socializing can be HARD work here in Key west.
  13. About two years ago I drank practically every day during the summer...and alone too! lol But now I'm all married and a homebody and we rarely go out drinking anymore. Honestly, ever since I quit smoking I haven't felt like drinking at all. So now...I'll have _a_ drink and it ends there. It's no funn now that I can't smoke! waaahhh! hehe
  14. I have never drank to the point of being sick drunk in my entire life...but I have been really tipsy many, many times!

    I do enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine, but rarely have more than two at a time (in the same evening, not one in each hand!!:P ) And I always try to make sure there is food in my stomach as well.

    Lately, none of my happy hour buds have been up for I'm lucky if I have a glass of wine at home every now and again these days!
  15. Back in the day, my friends and I used to get wasted. As I got older, I realized alcohol started affecting me differently. So, I switched to drinking only white liquors. Then, sometimes I would get drunk when I was not trying to get drunk. My social group at the time only wanted to drink. I was definitely passed that stage in my life. Next, I switched to only wine. Then I realized I was drinking for all the wrong reasons. Lastly, I don't drink anymore, 10 months. I feel good! I enjoy going out without having to have a drink. I don't knock anyone for getting their drink on. But, it was not for me.