Do any of you have these wallets?

  1. I am looking to get a new Coach wallet and since the nearest store that carries a wallet is 250+ miles away I have no way of comparing them irl. I am looking at the Chelsea slim envelope wallet & the Chelsea accordian zip around wallet. (I prefer the leather wallet).
    So does anyone here have either of these? I need some pros & cons on these wallets and why you like them. Please help me make a decision! Which one would you buy?
  2. I have three Coach wallets! I just bought the Chelsea accordian zip around in black pebble leather. I also have the same large one in Signature Brown Optic and a small zip around in Signature Black Optic. These wallets have the most available spaces for credit cards. Personally I don't like the checkbook wallets. If you want, I can take photos of mine....
  3. The Chelsea wallets are awesome, no matter which one you like. The accordian ones are just too roomy for me. I only carry a couple of CC's with me, so I dont need all the space.

    Buy both, and get them in person and see which one you like the best and return the other.
  4. I don't have the EXACT wallet you are talking about, but I do have two accordian wallets and I love them. They hold a TON of stuff.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Thanks, I love seeing all the pics. I do not carry a lot of cards anymore:crybaby:-for obvious reasons(too much Coach on them). But I do like to keep a lot of coupons (trying to save and recoup from my adiction) and receipts. So, yeah, my wallet would be stuffed. I am thinking of ordering both, but am afraid of wanting them both! And that is a big :nogood:.
    Please, keep the comments & pics coming!