Do any of you have the same style bag...different color.

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  1. Was just curious if there was one style bag that you liked so much, that you had to have it in various colors/materials?

    Post pix if u can. ;)
  2. yep! 12705 legacy tote. Gray and black

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  3. Oh yeah, I have the Mandy Courier in Black and Whiskey and the Ali in White and Sig/Gold.
  4. I haven't done it yet, but I would buy another color in my Legacy satchel.
  5. ummm....YES!!!:graucho:
  6. YUP! 2 Legacy shoulders, 2 Bridgits, 2 Legacy Satchels, 2 GiGi's, 2 Lindsays, 2 Lilys, 2 Sabrinas ...etc. It is a struggle not to get one of every color when I find a bag I like. Just ask Baglady!!!!

    Baglady want to weigh in???? LOL!:P
  7. Haha we know you and Baglady buy in triplicate!!! I try to not repeat bags/colors, but it must be contagious from these two because I now have an amethyst and black Bridgit, and I know my arm could be twisted into getting a platinum one at a really good outlet price.
  8. SABRINA - Steel,Pink,Putty,Espresso & last but no least - Rosegold
  9. oh YES! I have ALI in the '06 Black and Natural and the '08 Outlet ALI bag in Raspberry!!! My fav of all time.....with Mandy a close second!!

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  10. yup! (see my sig)
  11. I have a black leather Gigi and a chocolate sig Gigi:

    I thought about getting it in gray too!

  12. Oh gosh.... Ummm, NO, I think I should DEFINITELY pass on weighing in...WAY too embarrassing!! :shame::lol:

    What's even worse is that sometimes I buy backups for bags I really like (in the same color). So it's not just multiple colors for bags I like.

    I definitely have some sort of disease! :sad:
  13. ^^too funny!! :nuts:

    I have a teal legacy shoulder bag and a walnut legacy shoulder bag!
  14. When I find a bag I love I'll buy it in multiple colors. I adore the Sabrina and have 3 (magenta, black and steel) and I also love the pleated ergo hobos, so have 2 of them (rose and mahagony).

  15. I have these 2 as pictured above, 3 legacy totes: brown, gray and black. 2 sabrinas in laid and large black and brass, hopefully espresso and steel, 2 lindsays espresso and gray.