Do any of you have the Keepall45 Epi (black) ?

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  1. Hi.

    Just thinking if any of you have the keepall45, which I'm sure at least a few of you does.

    My nearest/the only Vuitton store in my country is about 500 km. away, so I only visit 3-4 a year :tdown:

    A quick one for ya' : Is it practical for everyday use ?
    I got the carryall a few months ago, and I love it.
    But because of my love for the Epi-line, i really want the keepall45 in epi - IF, it is usefull .
    - Was thinking to get the multicolor cles along, so they could kind of match ;D

    But please, if any of you will recomend it or suggest something else then please speak up.

    A few pictures of it IRL would be perfect. Just to get a feeling of the size.
  2. i think the epi items tend to be slightly bigger than the canvas ones, or atleast they look bigger. and they are stiffer.