Do any of you have Hermes artwork? I do!!

  1. Thanks to my very talented cousin, Meredith, I have my very own piece of personal Hermes art!!! :tup:

    My cousin is only 17 and super talented. She does not care much for art all the time, but when she picks up a paint brush she works wonders. I told her a few weeks ago that I would love a painting if she ever felt like it. So one day she called and told me she was in the mood, what would I like. I told her to surprise me, but then asked if she could paint my favorite bag into the picture. So I sent her a picture link of a Birkin, and two days later, here is what she gave me!! I absolutely love it!! :heart:

    Just thought I would share!

  2. That's really nice. I really like her style :yes:
  3. Ohhh - I LOVE that!!!!! What a great artist! Is that You, Megs????????
  4. GF- I will pretend that is me!!
  5. I like her style and I like very much the colors she choose. Talented indeed!
  6. I like the way she made all the straight lines of the bag become somehow curvy.
  7. She has her own style... really amazing. She will go from realistic to impressionistic in a split second. I have an AMAZING sketch of Johnny Depp around here somewhere that she did... let me see if I can find it. I will snap a pic :yes:
  8. Lovely!
  9. Congrats Megs - that's a very special piece, just for you.
  10. That's wonderful Megs!!! Love it!
  11. I absolutely LOVE IT!
  12. It is a really fun piece for my room! I told her I will have her do all of my art work for my house... she is all for it!
  13. What a unique gorgeous artwork!!! she is very very talented.
  14. Such a great piece Megs! Your cousin is very talented :wlae:
  15. Oh, that's so nice!! What a talented young lady she is! Aren't you lucky to have your own private artist!!