Do any of you have a phobia about vomiting?

  1. I am sorry if this is a yukky question, but ever since a little girl, I am so frightened about vomiting. It is absoloutely terrifying to me, I would much rather have the runs. The real problem, is since having my children, I am useless if they vomit. I can't be in the bathroom to help them, and have to call my husband to come home, or the nanny to help them. In fact, I have to put fingers in my ears so I can't hear the sound, and I also worry if anyone feels sick on an aeroplane, as I would have to move seats if anyone ws sick naer me; so he must have cottoned it! It is one part of motherhood, that I feel really bad not to be able to help them, plus I don't want to pass this fear on to them, although my eldest son recently commented on me not liking it if he throws up.:yucky:
  2. i don't have a phobia per se, but I hate to do it :Push:, although after doing it I feels so much better.

    when my daughter does it I'm actually Superwoman, and will catch it if I have when my husband does, i'm totally grossed out :sick:!
  3. Yes, when my husband is sick, I make him go to another bathroom so I can't hear it, and when any gastric bugs are going around the schools, I am thinking please don't catch it!
  4. I do. Especially when I am smashed. My friend told me throwing up after drinking so much would make me feel better. I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  5. Completely understand, that is the only reason I have never been DRUNK in my life.
  6. Nope. I've had too many drunken nights to be afraid of a little puke. LOL But hey, that can be the husbands department.
  7. Wow, this is so me, especially on airplanes and covering my ears and running into another room. I would rather die of nausea than throw up!

    Although for many years I had a bullemic cat due to a slow growing stomach cancer and cleaning up after him was easy and not a problem. I would hold a towel for him to vomit into when he was having bad days. Animal puke never bothered me but human puke? Gross!
  8. I remember one of the worst times, is when I gave birth to our second son. I am sure that a side effect to epidurals is nausea, and I remember asking my obsetrician to cuddle me as my husband had left the room, and I was so frightened that I was going to be sick.I actually will cry from fear!
  9. OMG! I thought I was the only person in the whole world like this. I literally cry like a baby if I even think Im goining to throw up. Yes, I plug my ears and CAN NOT help my kids, and if I even think they are going to get sick, I start freaking out and loose sleep etc. I am and will not take one drink of alcohol because Im afraid of getting sick, and if I even hear that someone around me has been sick, I automatically think Im going to get it and panic. I have seriously thought about getting therapy for this. Its completely out of control, and I have been this way since I can remember around 3 yrs. old. PLEASE if anyone has any helpful suggestions how to get over this phobia, I am more than willing to listen. Its as bad if not worse than any other phobia I have ever heard of.
  10. Oh man, I feel the exact same way as you, when people around me comment that they don't feel well, I get so worried that they're going to be sick--like I get a gnawing in the pit of my stomach. I too have to close my ears, and leave the room when people get sick. I was once in a car with people who'd been drinking too much on the way to a party, and I was dropped off because I just couldn't deal with it. I'm glad I'm not alone!!!:shame:
  11. Have been with my husband since 1989. In all that time he has never thrown up. I did, once, when he was away and I came down with virus like I have never had before or since. I remember being so terrified at the force with which my diaphragm rose -- it was like my body had been taken over by some demon!

    My son is now grown. I can't remember him ever throwing up -- not once!

    Our dogs, OTOH, have very sensitive tummies and throw up all the time. We keep trying to find the perfect food, and they have been better lately but for a while we had jugs of Nature's Miracle close by at all times. Throwing up for dogs seems a much less harrowing experience than it is for humans.
  12. Yes. Its the one thing that grosses me out. Uck.
  13. I am sorry that you guys feel the same, but am also HUGELY RELIEVED that I am not alone with this. I have met only a couple of other people who feel this way, and one did go on to have therapy for it BUT one of the things she had to do was to help someone who had vomited. There is NO WAY that I could help anyone else, as I can't even help myself or my family!!!!
  14. OK I just looked it up and it has a name Emetophobia, and there are websites that we can look out, and some offer help to overcome the phobia in 24 hours. I am not sure that I believe it though!!!!!!
  15. OMGosh, I had spinal anaesthesia at the birth of ds2, and after the birth, I spent all that time vomiting in my hospital room. I'm never getting another spinal unless it is life or death.

    I don't have a phobia about vomiting but I have anticipatory anxiety in driving without another adult. It can feel very frustrating, not being able to just do anything at a moment's notice. So I understand how you feel, especially regarding your children... :flowers: