Do any of you have 1 of these?

  1. My 7 year old DD awoke me this morning with this gift she made me.
  2. Ok that is cutest thing I have seen. Sounds like something my Daughter would do. You will always treasure it
  3. That's so sweet!
  4. THAT'S adorable..............
  5. lol... priceless...*future hermes craftsman in the working...*
  6. ^ LOL. I totally agree... very adorable...
  7. accent y grav! (can't spell it but she got it right!)

    great bag! red is so in for spring!
  8. So Very Sweet!!!!
  9. Asa, how truly adorable--and clever!!! You will certainly have your hands full when she gets a bit older. But so wonderful that she already shares your passion and appreciation for Hermes!
  10. asa - more precious than anything you could ever buy.

    You're a very lucky mommy :tender:
  11. Aaawwwwwwwwww...... So sweet :tender:.
  12. actually I have several of them sooo passé this time of year lol! toooo cute i think we have a Hermette in the making!
  13. That is the cutest, sweetest thing! And it's your color too! Congrats on your new "H" addition!
  14. Dear asa

    That is just the most charming thing. Your daughter sounds a real little poppet. I like her style too, she's going to shake things up at Hermes.


  15. How cute of her..:tender: