Do any of you guys shave your arms?

  1. I know a few girls that do and another that gets her's waxed. Does it grow back faster and thicker?
  2. ^ Experts swear up and down that shaving doesn't make the hair grow back different, but I think we all know from experience that it does! That being said, I would never shave my arms!!

    I do Nair/Veet and it works really well. I've been using it so long that it's damaged the follicles and it now grows in a lot thinner and patchier. I only have to do it once or twice a month now.
  3. ^^^ how many years did it take to damage the follicles??

    I've been shaving my arms for about 8 years because I have a lot of dark hair and people would always comment on it. It doesn't grow back thicker, but it grows in all directions and I don't think it will ever go back to normal. If you plan to start removing the hair from your arms you should be prepared to do it for life.
  4. It's been about 4 years since I started removing it. I used to do bleach ocasionally before that. If I let it grow out now, it looks a little stubbly at first, but its not as thick as it was before. I got lazy and let it go a month this time and it just looks like normal feminine arm hair. My arms used to be really gross, so this is a big improvement.
  5. This is exactly why I've never touched the hair on my arms, even though I've been made fun of for it most of my life. I hate hearing people comment on my hairy arms and hate hearing little kids say I have arms like a mans but I don't know if I'm prepared to shave them the rest of my life and I'm so worried about them looking worse if I decide to let it grow out again. (I have dark hair on my arms btw...)

    I've thought of nairing them but I don't know how much different that would be than shaving seeing as when I nair my legs it comes back just as fast as if I shaved them....
  6. I would never shave the hair on my arms. It's crappy enough having to shave my legs and underarms, I don't want to have shave my arms too!

    My friend has a lot of hair on her arms. People used to call her "Yetti" in middle school!!! (Arg, I didn't find it funny AT ALL). Even though people made fun of her, she didn't care. She said she would never shave her arms just because other people didn't like it. I gained new respect for her, because honestly if people were making fun of me for something like that I'd be very hurt.

    Just remember, once you start, you have to keep doing it for life.
  7. I shaved my arms once before a date back in '95. I never did it again, nor needed to. (The guy was actually like, "You SHAVED your ARMS?" :wtf: ) The hair grew back, but it wasn't any thicker or coarser than the hair I shaved off. I have a lot of thin, straight hair on my arms, and it all grows and lays the same way. I'm coffee-skinned, however, so it's not that noticeable on me, but if my arms were white I'd probably shave them on a regular basis. It may sound weird, but I think my arm hair is cute...LOL.
  8. I have the finest lightest hair on my arms (despite having near black hair on my head) but i'm crazy so i shave it anyway. I just like being perfectly smooth *shrugs* Never had any issues with it.. super easy actually and grows back slow in my experience.
  9. Shaving or cutting hair does not make it grow back thicker or faster. The act of shaving or cutting hair leaves a blunt end on the hair which feels thicker and coarser to touch. As the growth cycle of the blunted hair ends, the hair will shed naturally, and a new hair with a taped edge will grow back in it's place. The edge of that new hair will remain tapered until you blunt it by shaving or cutting it again. If you shave off all of your arm hair, it will feel coarse and appear thicker for a while until all of the blunted hairs have been shed and regrow. The growth cycle itself is is not affected, hair will continue to grow at the same rate unless you damage the follicle itself.
  10. I shave my arms when I don't have the time to let the hair grow to wax them. Or I use hair remover but that stinks....
  11. I found dying to be the best solution, a good "natural" platinum blond hair dye that I bought from an organic store did just fine.

    I haven't done it in months now, for some reason the it just stayed blond. It was blond before but I didn't like how if the light changed it appeared darker, so I kinda lightened it even lighter and I'm really happy with the results.

    Never tried shaving, don't think I will but it's good to hear what everyone has to say about it.
  12. I don't like shaving (as I always manage to cut myself!) so I use either wax or hair removal cream, and tweeze out the odd stray hairs.
  13. Luckily, the hair on my arms is very short, downy, and hardly visible. I had a friend with very thick, dark arm hair which she shaved. Her arms looked nice and smooth when it was first done, but after a day or two it looked like a porcupine! And when she brushed up against you, it hurt. Don't do it!
  14. your friend must've had very thick arm hair :blink:


    personally I have fine, thin, blonde little hairs on my arms, but I still shave them and have for the past 8-10 years. I just like the silky smooth feeling. I actually can't remember letting the hair grow back for as long as I've been doing it (I just love having silky smooth skin :p) but if I don't shave for a couple of days it feels... wait, I actually haven't shaved in two days right now, and when I brush my face against my arms it feels very soft, with tiiiiny/soft pricking where the hairs are. it actually feels pretty nice still :p so if you have fine/thin hairs and want to try it, I def. don't see why you shouldn't :flowers:
  15. If the hair on your arms bothers you, I would suggest waxing. I'm a (not working) esthetician. When I was working I waxed my arms at work with the regular hot wax. Now that I'm not working I've been using the Sally Hanson wax strips. They work so good- I actually like it better than the hot wax. If you decide to stop, no problem. The hair will not grow back stubbly like with shaving. It's super easy and not very painful I promise.