Do any of you guys blog?

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  1. I just started a fashion blog like...less than 24 hours ago...and was wondering if any of you guys knew how to get the word out? Or any tips? I think I'll feel awful lonely making entries that no one looks at. I don't know if I'm allowed to advertise my blog (and it's really nothing to speak of yet. Just 5 entries or so) but I did post the link in my signature. Anyway, any tips (or visits!) would be much appreciated :P .
  2. i often see people linking their blogs on myspace, facebook, or friendster pages... or in sigs on this forum and other forums as well.

    i've been blogging for years, since i was in high school... but now i find that i don't have much i want to write about anymore. i still have a xanga and one at blogger, but i don't post entries as often as i used to. i spend enough time online shopping and on this forum anyway.

    btw, i just checked out your blog... just wanted to say, i LOVE mike & chris hoodies. =)
  3. I've never blogged before. I just never got into it. I'm really having fun with this though. Thanks for checking it out :yahoo: And I'm so obsessed with mike & chris!
  4. I used to blog, but got to be too time consuming and I got bored.
  5. Never really got into that. Once I had a livejournal (for a very short period of time) and a guy I really really liked saw it and oh boy that was not good. He was ticked that I didn't mention him, like he thought he was such a profound influence in my life or something. Guh.
    Zoints has a blog option built in on the profiles, but I still can't be convinced to succumb so I disabled mine. :P I know my mom looks at my profile, along with some 3,000 strangers a day, so that creeps me out. But I guess the purpose is for people to read it, eh. haha.
  6. Hi, my name is Vlad and I run a blog that reaches out to over 1.5 million people a month. :graucho:
  7. I thought I was blogging..
  8. vlad help! how do I get people to read mine?
    Irishgal - hehe I think I have my definitions wrong.
  9. i also just started my blog on bags couple of months ago, and i love doing it!
    it's bag craze

    nerphanie, i love that mike&chris dress with hood! it's pretty :P

    vlad, you're the greates blogger in this forum, i guess everyone admits it :P
  10. yeah me and my friends used to blog like crazy now not so much really cant be bothered..
  11. I used to but not anymore. Things happen. I used to be part of some other forum and I'm not anymore. I think there's something wrong wtih me and commitment (sp?) or something.
  12. you seem pretty committed to this forum. 8,847 posts! :yahoo:
  13. I blog.

    Pregnancy Blog
    Public Blog
  14. I started one for my sister & I to blog about our family business that we are currently running in Ensenada, Baja California, making ceramic BBQ's. I started it because a lot of our customers are interested in different recipes, new products that we make, different tiled BBQs, etc. Our company name is "Kamado" and our customers started calling my sisters & I the "Kamadettes" so that is what we call the blog. I would also post about random stuff. But, I have been so busy lately that I have not had much time to update it.

  15. I used to blog, and by blog I take it to mean writing like a journal, which is a bit different than TPF even tho yes we're technically blogging as we speak. Anyhoo It gets old after awhile I must say. I was writing about personal stuff though, and I reached a point where I was just sick of myself and the whole process. So it's no more.
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