Do any of you go thru the handbag "rut"

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  1. As much as I love bags and I enjoy mine. I sometimes go thru a "rut". I for months will change my bags almost everyday however, sometimes I will go an entire week or so w/o changing them and using the same bag regardless of color and shape. Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Oh yes, but it's been a while since I've been in a rut.
  3. I am going through a rut where I am selling all of my high end bags and feeling that spending a ton of $$$$ on a purse is a little ridiculous . . . I am also downsizing my collection considerably so that I will actually use what I have. I think that after indulging in anything for a period of time, it is natural to re-evaluate your priorities/collection.
  4. I'm in that right now, none of my bags are working for me.
  5. Yes, I used the same bag for probably a month and a half straight recently. I hadn't done that in many many years.
  6. i'm glad to see i'm not the only one. i think i'm also at the point of "downsizing"
  7. I've been using and enjoying the same bag for the past 6 mos or so! I am not one to change my bags daily and when I think to put my current bag up and use another I start to get a little sad that I'll miss it. I do have one I have pre-ordered (a new Tano) for the end of April and am really excited about so there will be a little change coming soon.

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  9. Most of my bags have the same "vibe" to them, so I can go weeks carrying the same bag and it really doesn't affect my overall outfit. I guess I'm lazy like that.

    I'm lucky though... unless I am obsessed with something, I don't need it. I also VERY rarely will sell one of my bags... they're all pretty classic for my personal style!
  10. I've been using the same 2 bags weekdays/weekends for the last... uh... 3 years, according to the folks here I might be in a rut. But most of my bags are classics and designed to comply with my job (attorney) as well as my weekends without needing a change.
  11. Ha. I'm perpetually in a rut (or maybe I'm just lazy).

    I carried my LAMB Venezie until a strap broke. I burst into tears as I walked into the house and my SO thought something more dire was happening. He expected as much to happen after I've used it for like 13 months.

    I bought a lot of stuff but I don't rotate because I feel like all my new bags had a purpose that I haven't found yet and all my old ones are dirty.

    But yes, since I'm in business professional 5 days a week, switching it out for the weekend seemed like a hassle. I might forget something come Monday.
  12. It's all relative!! I consider myself in a "rut" because I have used the same bag for the past 5 days, which for me is practically a record. (And in case you are wondering, I DO actually have Adult ADD. Seriously).

    But I don't think that it affects my bag-wearing habits.

    (Weeeeeeeeeellll....maybe just a teensy bit).

    I too have downsized in a major way lately (from 30+ bags to six), and have moved in the direction of quality over quantity. I am so far extremely happy with that choice.
  13. I often go through this, though not in the way you might think! Since I work a lot from home as a writer I sometimes feel silly for having so many bags! And right now, when the weather is bad and I have a shoulder sprain I'm mostly at home. And so instead of going out to enjoy my latest bag, it sits on the sofa while I'm writing. Trouble is, even if I'm not going out I'll still feel like giving a different bag its turn on the sofa. Right now I'm being stared at by an Anthracite Balenciaga Twiggy. Is this cazy or what?