Do any of you girls also buy chloe clothes and accessories?

  1. Just curious, guys!
  2. Yep I do. I have a fair few pairs of Chloe Shoes, and have bought a Black Winter evening dress for the coming season. However, most of the pieces, whilst beautiful are outrageously priced :biggrin:, so its a case of really coveting one piece a season and then buying the leather goods which oddly seem reasonably priced compared to the clothing ;)
  3. I have to agree with Chloe-Babe that most pieces are outrageously priced! But I do own a couple of See by Chloe shirts.

  4. I have two pair of Chloe wooden wedges, blanc and chocolate.
    The clothes does tend to be very costly!! My favorite clothing
    labels are Kors, DvF, Theory, and for a huge splurge, Narciso Rodriguez.
  5. Yes, I love Chloe Clothes. I have a grey coat and a pullover. I just bought them this week in Paris.
  6. no not yet! I'm getting a see by chloe shirt for my birthday and i want a pair of chloe shoes, dunno which though :smile:
  7. i wear some see by chloé but not actual chloe stuff... even if i could afford it i couldnt pull off the style anyway.
  8. I have a few Chloe tops, some wool trousers and some of the city shorts they did.

    Also have some of the little flat leather pumps they did for S/S
  9. I just got into Chloe but I did see some beautiful shoes at their boutique! :love: I wanna go back and grab them... Their clothing does seem a bit pricey tho.
  10. I'm dreaming of getting some shoes or boots, they're all lovely...!! :heart: :heart:
    ...honestly I have avoided buying clothes from chloe this far because of the prices, but now I remembered one beautiful jacket I saw there and it's a shame I didn't check it as they had -70% in some of the clothing..!! I always just get too exited about the bags and I forget to check their clothing, I think I shoud go back there next week! :biggrin:
  11. I know exactly what all of you mean!

    I got curious because I really looked at the clothing for the first time a few weeks ago. I was really impressed at how nicely made and just, well, nice 'feeling' it was.

    But it is very pricey.

    It sounds as though some of you have got some wonderful pieces.
  12. I have about 3 of her tops.. mostly when Stella was in charge. All very funky. I also have a pair of shoes and a belt from 2004.
  13. i have a few jackets and shoes- lovely! the pieces are quite spendy, but if a person waits til the end of the season bargains can be had.
  14. Nope. I wouldn't be able to fit those clothes if I tried. I do have a pair of shoes similar to Chloe by Franco Sarto.
  15. nope but for those who have purchased shoes, are they comfy?? i wanna get the creme loafers.