Do any of you get this attitude when you are dining with your LV??

  1. OK, so I was at work a few days ago and I went out to lunch with five co workers to The Cheesecake Factory. The chairs had rounded backs so it was impossible to sling my BH over the back of it. There was absolutely no room at all on the table either. So I did what any good purse lover would do and I got my lovely BH her own chair. Mind you, it did not take up any room or shove anyone out of the way, it was very much off to the side. My co workers immediately started heckling me and doing the eye roll thing, telling me I should just "set the stupid purse" on the floor. GASP!! :wtf:THE FLOOR?? Are they kidding??:confused1:

    I sweetly explained that my BH comes into my house and I occasionally set her on the couch, dining table, or bed and if I set her on the FLOOR, she would be as dirty as the shoes that traverse across said floor. So, I was being logical (in my LV warped mind) and asked if they would set their dirty shoes on the table, couch, or bed at home. They all said it was not EVEN the same thing. It was a no win situation, but I stood my ground and BH still kept her dignity and stayed put in her chair! :graucho: Has anyone else had this happen to them?? Share your funny stories!!
  2. Hm, I always feel bad putting a "nice" purse on the ground. You're not alone. I've been thinking about getting a "purse hook" to avoid such situations.
  3. I bought a Dior hangbag hook lately and the SA told me me she'd never seen one before and that it was a great idea as the country she comes from it is bad luck to put your bag on floor, it means you will not be able to hold on to money (but with LV that happens anyway LOL!!))
  4. I'd love to know where you got the hook, sounds great!
  5. LOL I pull chairs over too! I've never had coworkers or anyone important see me do it though. I don't know how I'd react in that situation. But I do it all the same when I'm with my family! One time I was at Baja Fresh with my Speedy that I had for like 3 days. I was feeling ultra protective since my 11-year-old boy cousin was there too... and I know boys can be quite messy. So I at first put my Speedy on a regular chair, but then I grabbed a bar stool (the kind that sit up really high) and put my Speedy on that! Oh and to make it even worse I covered it with my coat... Hmmmm looking back I think that was a little extreme. LOL.
  6. I pull chairs over also if the bag does not fit behind me.

    A few weeks ago ... everyone here in my company went out for dinner. There is only 2 girls in the office (me and another Gal) we sat next to each other the waiter pulled out the extra chair since there was one extra. so what i did was pull it back to put my bag on the chair.

  7. Sorry to hijack I got it in Harrods but I don't really follow Dior so I have no idea of how easy they are to get hold of here a pic
    Handbag Hook Full.jpg
  8. I have asked for a separate chair in the past, as if a 3rd party were coming. Then to see expressions after my handbag had a chair of it's own. All I can say is PRICELESS:wtf::p. If a chair is going to be in the way, or one isn't available, I put a napkin on the floor and put the bag on that.:idea:
  9. i put mine on the back of the chair i'm sitting on (but I try hard not to squish it) if I'm with friends or co-workers..if I'm with the bf or family it gets its own chair..LOL. never on the floor! maybe on top of my shoes, but not on the floor.
  10. Hehe I have put my daughter's sweater/ jacket on the floor before so I can put my bag on it. My DH just shakes his head.
  11. I normally use my purse hanger for my bags. If the pursehanger doesn't fit the table, then I just sit the bag on my lap and eat very uncomfortably. My bags will not sit on the floor!
  12. I put it on my lap!
  13. Mine gets its own chair as well, I've thought about the hook thing but in my mind I dont like thinking about too much stress being on the handles all through dinner..I know its ridiculous but I'm paranoid. Haven't been in the situation where a place couldn't accommodate my bag yet.
  14. Mine gets it's own chair, too!
  15. That is gorgeous!! Can I ask you how much it was?

    Handbag hooks are pretty easy to get, lots of websites, and tons on eBay.

    I've thought about getting one, bc in NY cramped restaurants, there are hardly enough chairs for people, let alone a bag! And I don't feel safe putting it behind me, so my bags usu sit on my lap, which can be cumbersome if they're bigger.

    LabelAddict, do you get a mark on your bag though if your bag is a little heavy? This was my concern.