Do any of you find a hard time in unlocking the constance bag?

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  1. Do any of you have some trouble in unlocking the constance bag.I like the constance bag very much,and planning to buy one.I tried it @ the H-store,but I saw that the sales person also had a hard time on unlocking the H-click.
  2. I don't have any trouble with mine at all.
    I love that it is secure and closes perfectly, but I never really have any trouble opening it when I need to.

    Its a lovely bag and you should definitely get one!! ;)
  3. no--strong magnet
  4. I use the side of the index finger rather than reaching under with the nail and top of finger and pulling up. Gives more leverage and you will not scratch the leather.
  5. constance is much easier to open if you open one side of the flap connected to the h and then lift the h upwards, same for closing, much easier than grabbing the h from the centre, hth
  6. I have a difficult time with the clasp, also. DH has to always show me how to work it. Once it works, it's easy, but I am such a clutz, that I could never try to explain it!! Try working a Constance wallet; there is a challenge:nuts:
  7. This bag should come with a manual. :lol: j/k
  8. This is perfect advice & will definitely save your manicure! I only had to break my nail about 3 or 4 times before finally figuring this enlightened method out for myself :P
  9. :tup:
  10. I have the same problem lol! I have never used my Constance because it is such a hassle for me to get open without scratching the leather :shame:
  11. ^^^Send it over Ranag, I will be nice and tender with it, PLEASE???:P
  12. LOL! :hugs:

    I keep saying that I should take that purse to Vegas with me - that way I will not be able to open it and lose money on the slot machines! :P

    I have familial tremor in both hands and nerve damage on one side of my body. This bag is a bit of a hassle for someone like me.
  13. You are a darling! Now I know why you are such a huge fan of BV, cabas etc...and Birkins of course!:flowers:
    Great idea when it comes to slot machines, how dissuasive(sp.?) that must be!;)
  14. Yes, it is a bit tricky.
    But once you get the feel, it's not too bad:graucho:
  15. not really, i think it helps i keep my fingernails short
    i have to say the magnet sure is strong!