do any of you buy lv from

  1. my poupette? I want a keep all or an excursion
  2. nope so far ... i think they are one of the very trustable reseller beside let-trade, compare to eBay
  3. let trade never has luggage though!
  4. why dont u contact the seller directly and let the seller know what u would have, so when the item is available, the seller will be in touch with, thats what i would do

    when there is a demand there is a supply, rite?
  5. yeahi need it by next week though!! darn it! I might have to buy a new one
  6. boutique it is darlink
  7. I've bought from mypoupette auctions.
    My first auction the seller said she lost the bag:confused1: I think it really because I won with a $150 bid. I later saw this same bag, from same seller on eBay.

    The second auction I won was from mypoupette. Got the item fast and it was a great transaction.

    Good luck on finding your bag! It does sound like the boutique is your best choice.