Do any of the outlets ship, and has anyone seen this bag?

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  1. I'm looking for a Patchwork shoulder tote (picture on the left), but my local outlet doesn't have any, and I was wondering if anyone had seen them.

  2. outlets will only ship if you pay full price. that bag was in the outlet two summers ago

    ebay is your best bet, it's on there all the time
  3. yup I bought the duffle like that and the swingpack for my daugher I remember seeing it quite a while back its not at my outlet now. I say go for ebay find a good seller :O) best of luck
  4. ebay it, but first authenticate it.
  5. try to ebay it but ill check my outlet out for u...
  6. Not at the outlet. I bought mine at the store about two years ago. They have their own summer versions out now that are pastel at the outlet. I do not think they have totes. The white pebble on the bottom can only be wiped and cleaned by water so the corners get dirty as does the typcial suede. But it is a wonderful pastel patchwork and is very light to carry. Good luck looking for it!!
  7. Yeah, I can imagine that the white would be hard to keep clean. Actually, I would prefer the one with the tan/khaki bottom, but couldn't find a good picture of that one. The outlet that's an hour away from me said they have an all leather one. I'm thinking about getting it. So it's definitely comfortable to carry? Does it slip off your shoulder?