Do any LV mens wallets have the little plastic window thing?

  1. ... you know, the little window to hold a ID?
  2. D'oh, I'm looking online; they actually have decent pics. I'll post choices here... I think to make up for my own guilt I'll by my BF a new wallet.
  3. My Porte Billets Cartes Bleue has an opaque window:

  4. [​IMG]

  5. Yeah the mono billfold has one..I don't think the Taiga one does but I don't remember. My dad's using that one right now.
  6. doesn't give the fancy names - which is that, John?
  7. I like anything Mono is too flashy for my BF. :sad:
  8. Florin Taiga has a ID window. Don't quote me, but I think Classic Chic bought one for her bf on V-Day.
  9. Utah for sure!

  10. Check under "Porte Billets Billfold". ;)
  11. My bro has the mono and does come with one. My dad has the taiga, I don't remember but I think it does. Not sure though.
  12. Some do... some don't :smile: I like the ones that don't. I'm scared the window would get messed up!!!
  13. god, I'm such a dork. that whole time i was looking at elux thinking i was looking at No wonder I was starting to think the selection sucked.
  14. Taiga wallet has it. I think it's the one that has 9 cc slots. I got one for my husband before, and there is one in there.