Do any LV lovers also own MCM handbags?

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  1. Since many LV handbag lovers own monogram LV's, I was wondering if anyone also owns MCM handbags. Since both companies offer canvas logo handbags I thought I would ask.
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  2. Lots of people on this forum like MCM. Not my cup of tea personally, but it’s becoming very popular. I remember several threads about Vuitton / MCM.
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    No I do not like. I’m not a huge monogram fan but LV’s history and the history as it relates to the development of travel is what makes the lv monogram special.
  4. I just bought a MCM backpack recently. It’s quite popular in Asia especially among the younger crowd, I would say.
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  5. I have a white mini MCM backpack that I received as a gift. I do like it but I wouldn’t have purchased it on my own. I much prefer, and would rather spend money on, LV.
  6. I have to reply no to MCM. LV was the original monogram print so I stick to LV when it comes to monogrammed canvas.
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  7. I like MCM and LV. Don't prefer one over the other. I have MCM backpack and duffle tote. True story... I ended up purchasing the MCM duffle tote (speedy) b/c the LV Speedy was out of stock in Las Vegas. Think this was about 8 years ago, there was an issue with production or sourced materials for LV products. My MCM is great quality and I've grown to appreciate it. A year later I got my Speedy 30. Which one I wear more? The MCM b/c the top handle straps are longer, fits over the shoulder and softer comfortable leather.
  8. That’s a hard NO! The style itself is not my cup of tea. It’s PVC, not coated canvas. And it’s made in China and they still have the audacity to charge those prices. Nothing special, nothing original, and certianly not remarkable.
  9. MCM is not sold in my area so I would have to purchase online. I have only seen a few being worn in my area, but it has only been the cognac color, which I do not like. If I could see them in person before purchase, I may consider the black since LV does not offer this color in canvas for women. I do like the look of their essential tote in black. I would not be buying it for the logo, though, but more for the style. I have no idea of the long-term quality, and I would not replace my LV for MCM.
  10. Saw mcm brand for sale in Munich.
    Even there, it did not seem popular.:hrmm:
  11. No and never heard of it either. no surprise to me though, I don't facebook, twitter or instagram. :giggle:
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  12. Thanks for the comments so far. I find them interesting. I hope to read more of them. I did buy 2 cross body WOCS from MCM and I am thrilled with them. But, I hope I do not go crazy buying tons of MCM's as I am a devoted customer of LV. There is something about MCM's that are intriguing though. I think the quality is excellent too. I guess I will have to see over time how they hold up. The other thing about MCM is that they offer many handbags with silver hardware which I like very much. Again, I am an "LV" person.
  13. If I'm not mistaken LV's coated canvas is also a PVC coating.

    As for OP's question, I don't personally mind MCM as a brand but I'm not actually a huge fan of coated canvas or monogram prints (LV being some bizarre exception that borders on an addiction), so I just don't like it enough to spend money on it. I do like how bright an colourful their catalogue is!
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  14. I have two coworkers who carry the brand. They appear to be well made but not my cup of tea.
  15. Since you asked I'll give my opinion. I've never found the MCM print appealing at all. It's all personal preference though and if you want to dive into MCM, go for it!
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