Do any Las Vegas Ladies want to meet up???

  1. Lately I've noticed a lot of Vegas Ladies on the forums. This can be such a hard town to meet new friends that just "get it" with the purse addiction. ;) Would any of you be interested in lunch/shopping on the Strip one day in September???

    PS- I do realize there are a few guy PFers. You're invited too!!!
  2. I don't live in Vegas but I'll there on a business trip next October!
  3. Well then, let's plan it for October when you'll be in town. :smile: Do you have your dates yet??? What day/times would work with your schedule???
  4. Oh, I was just in Vegas for MAGIC!
  5. I'll there from Oct 11 - Oct. 13, my schedule is pretty nasty, I'll be attending a trade show those 3 days, I think I'll be available Friday night only!
  6. MrsJimmy...I'm sorry I missed you. Let me know the next time you're in town. :smile:

    HighMaintenance...We could plan for Friday evening. :smile:
  7. Oh man, I just got back from Vegas. I go there every couple of month to look for goodies. :yes:
  8. i would love to go to vegas one year
  9. I don't live in Vegas, but DH and I are taking a quick holiday in Nov... we'll be there a week.
  10. Foxy, let me know the next time you're in town. I'm always looking for an excuse to go shopping!!! (not that I ***need*** an excuse)

    Tweetie, let me know when you have your dates and we can plan a meet up.

    Pollinilove, Vegas is a great place to visit, do come soon. :smile:
  11. It's more fun with an excuse. :yahoo:
    I will let you know when I head out next time. I am hunting for a fuchsia python purse. Vegas is the only place I can get to with good stuff.