Do any dior lovers know...

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  1. where i could get hold of the saddle bag that carrie in sex & the city has? It looks like Hermes sort of with horse ish patterns. sorry thats the only way i can describe it!! I have the blue logo saddle bag but would do anything for this one in particular!!
    thanks x
  2. [​IMG]

    is this it?
  3. yes thats the one!!! do u know where i could possibly get my hands on one? :confused1:
  4. i would say only Ebay hon - that if you`re very lucky ! i think i saw one on French Ebay a few months ago ...
  5. Oh yea that was on
    it went for like 600+ euro
  6. I love that bag!!!
  7. This picture just inspired me to go to Amazon to order the collector edition of the series. :drool: cant wait for it to get here!! I miss the show so much :wlae:
  8. thanks anyways :biggrin: yeah i have the box set..i love it!!!