Do any Brick and Mortar's carry Anna Corinna

  1. I want to go try on some cities--all the sizes. I am leaning towards mini-mid.

    Also--anyone know what kind of reds they have? I want a nice red bag in this kind of set up.
  2. Don't know where you are located, but the Von Maur in Lombard, Il has them.
  3. Is that in Chicago? I am in STL.
  4. Bloomingdales and Nordstroms in Southern California
  5. I've also seen them at NM.
  6. That particular store is in west suburban Chicago. However, I think they are a midwestern chain. Here is a link to their store locator
    Unfortunately, none in MO.
  7. I guess I will call the Nordies, Neimans and Saks locally and hope someone has them available as I won't be making it out of STL for a good while.

    Thanks all!
  8. Neiman and Bloomies
  9. I concur, saw a Foley and Corinna mid city tote at the Tysons Corner Bloomingdales here in the DC area just the other day.
  10. I wish we had Bloomies! We had two Lord and Taylors that closed and I thought for sure one would be made into something like that...but instead they tore it down in favor of little shops. Boo. The other is being made into our 2nd nordies.
  11. I saw AC mini and mid or reg. size at Saks last week along with the jet setter totes.
  12. Thank you!!!

    I called around all kinds of shops here, and tracked down two stores that had them and I am going to try some one tomorrow. The mini city sounds like what I am lookin for :smile:
  13. Hi

    For the person who said Nordstrom's in SoCal has them...which Nordies?? I just bought a City Tote online and it's way too big. I have to send it back. So now I am on a hunt for the mid city and just want to get it in person.

    Thanks in advance!