Do Alma's have leather bottoms?

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  1. I've seen many alma's, most of which seem to have the monogram canvas on the bottom. But, with the leather trim at bottom of the sides, it doesn't seem to make sense. Is it different for epis? I'm so confused!:wacko:
  2. my monogram Alma has a leather bottom and I hate it. It picks up dirt like crazy .... I have found it impossible to keep clean!
  3. Yes I have the MC black Alma, and it has the light vachetta (sp?). It already has some marks, but that's bound to happen with use!
  4. The mono Alma has the solid Vachetta on the bottom. It gets dirty easily. One of the reasons why I don't want one. Maybe in Epi.
  5. All of the almas (with the exception of the epi alma) have all-vachetta bottoms.

    The epi alma bottom is made with the same classic "wrinkled" epi leather that is used on its main body.
  6. Yep! If you see a Monogram Canvas Alma with a canvas bottom... your lookin' at a BAD FAKE! :Push:
  7. ^^^Yes, that does mean it's fake. I have a mono Alma and it has an all lesther bottom. It didn't get dirty, but it didn't patina even on the bottom. :shame: Certain spots are darker than others.
  8. The bottom is the easiest way to detect the fakes! The MC Almas never have the pattern on the bottom.
  9. humm if you buy the louis vuitton shoulder starp i dont think it would get that dirty.
  10. humm if you buy the louis vuitton shoulder starp i dont think it would get that dirty.
  11. I love the Alma but aside from the price, the bottom is one of the reasons why I don't own one yet.
  12. The ONLY Alma I've seen that didn't have a leather bottom was the MC Alma @ 2003 Vuitton fashion show:

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