Do all white bags turn yellow after a while?

  1. I read somewhere that some white bags turn yellow after some use. Do all of them do that? I just got a white bag as a gift and don't plan on using it as an every-day bag (don't want to get it dirty). But then if it's going to turn yellow, I'd rather exchange it for a different non-white bag.

  2. I bought a white leather bag ~4 months ago and it's still white... it's one of my favourite bags, I use it quite often - still looks perfect, no dirt, no yellow :yes:
  3. I have a Fendi bag with white leather and I noticed that the top of the shoulder strap (where is it exposed to the sun) is yellowing. Is there is way to reverse the process? I have had it less than a year and have only carried it a dozen times or so.
  4. I have a white cole haan bag for 2 yrs...& the leather doesn't look as white as before..but it's not turning's more greyish white than bright white like when it was new.