Do all wallets come with dust covers?

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  1. I received a Zippy azur and it didn't come with a dust cover. It was just wrapped in tissue inside the box. I called the store today the Sa that answered said they don't all come with one. I asked to speak with my Sa but she said she would have her call me back as she was busy. It's been over an hour but if and when she calls I would like to know. Thanks.
  2. I have three wallets and only 2 came with dust bag.
  3. My other wallet and card holder both came with one. I 'm thinking since the zippy cost so much more and azur is mostly a summer color it should have had one. Which wallet didn't they give you a cover for.
  4. My billfold didn't but my groom zippy organizer did. I've heard that not all small leathergoods items come with dust covers. Talk to your SA or go into the store and ask for one. It shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Great news my Sa just called back and said she would be delighted to send me a dust cover.
  6. To answer your question:

    -Wallets in regular Monogram/Damier/Damier Azur canvas don't usually come with dustbags.
    -Wallets from lines like Vernis, Monogram Groom/Cerises/Panda/Cherry Blossom/Dentelle, Suhali, Epi,Utah, Taiga, or an Exotic Skin usually come with a dust bag.
    -If you ask an SA for a dust bag when you're purchasing a wallet, they will more than likely give you one. It never hurts to ask. ;)
  7. Thanks John, She is sending me a dust cover. I was just surpised because both my mono wallet type pieces did come with covers. Only my Mono Agenda did not.
  8. both my friend and I just purchased a mono wallet and both came with dustbag.
  9. I have purchased small leather goods in Suhali, Vernis, and Multicolore (the "special" lines) and they all came with dustcovers. My monogram pochette wallet came with a dustcover but my monogram credit card holder didn't. I also bought an epi wallet once but that didn't come with a dustcover. Sometimes there are those exceptions, although generally I would agree with the list John gave you.
  10. my wallets all came with dust covers (damier, multicolor, etc) but i think it's up to the discretion of the SA really. always ask i say. :biggrin:
  11. Yeah my mono koala wallet came with a dust bag.
  12. My framboise Zippy is my first wallet and it came with a dust bag. I'm glad things worked out and you are getting your dust bag.
  13. 866 told me that they have a new policy which gives everything a dust cover...

    also, all of my pieces have dust covers, including my wallet.
  14. Thanks everyone.