Do all the 2007 Bbags come with...

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  1. giant hardwares??

    Sorry I am a newbie to Balenciaga. If this has been asked before, I am sorry.
  2. not that im aware of. i believe you have the choice and theres a hundreds of dollars difference.
  3. No, you have the option of buying them with Regular Hardware or Giant Hardware. The Giant Hardware is gold (some will have silver this July) and the cost difference is roughly $400. The GH bags are heavier because of the hardware as well. HTH!
  4. im glad i didnt spread bag information. i feel accomplished ! haha
  5. bad*** (not bag)

    i just remembered there is an edit button cool !
  6. great info- I am looking forward to the GH in silver!!!

    especially on REEEEEDDDD!!!!
  7. Cool! Because I prefer the regular hardware! So the golden giant hardware ones are more expensive??

    AQUAMARINE WORK w/ classic hardware


    AQUAMARINE WORK w/ Gold Giant Hardware

  9. Oh, I love the larger hardware! That is sharp!
  10. aaahhhhh aquamarine! everytime i see a pic of aqua and GH i start drooling. and i already have one!