Do all styles eventually go to the outlets?

  1. I don't know if this has been asked before but I was wondering if you Coach experts could answer my question? I always thought the pricier limited items would never end up at the outlets. I'm specifically curious about the Legacy Thompson line?? Anyone know? :shrugs: Thanks in advance!!
  2. I am pretty sure that all items that don't sell out end up at outlet eventually. Of course with popular items they will keep them longer at JAX for orders instead of sending them to outlet right away. Some things hit outlet in months; some take a year or more. Most of the items that are more limited or exclusive will sell out before having a chance to get to outlet (i.e. Lily).

    On rare occasion, someone returns a regular bag at outlet, so you could find a rare gem now and then.
  3. Well, I have never seen a Lily (smile) but I have seen the more expensive items from the Legacy like the Mandy. Maybe in time if there is any Legacy Thompson left they will end up there.

    I have never seen any at mine.
  4. Thanks for your super fast reply! Good info to know :smile:
  5. I agree. The outlet is actually closer to me so I often make my boutique returns there. I have returned several limited or exclusive items there, but the SAs always snatch them up so none of my items have EVER ended up on the floor.
  6. If I have any Coach shoes to return, the SAs at my local Coach outlets would prefer that I return the shoes to their stores versus the regular store. Same thing with any of the limited edition Coach hand bags. The SAs or their manager get first dibs on these returns. They are always happy to see me, especially if I have a return :p
  7. LOL... okay, so it is not just my SAs are happy to see me? (smile)

    They jump on me like I am Santa Claus and I am oh SO happy to oblige since they save me 60 miles in driving.

  8. this is very interesting. so when you return an item to an outlet, the outlet does not send it back to the regular stores? do the SAs at the outlet get them at a discounted price or at the regular price?
  9. My sister's SA at her Outlet told her that if Boutique items are returned at the Outlets, they're not required to return the Boutique items to the Boutique. They are required to immediately mark them down to Outlet prices to sell at the Outlet. We customers love it when that happens! :tup: Not sure about what the SA's pay when they choose to purchase those returns but I'm sure they get an employee discount on any item they buy.

  10. The returned (boutique) items get discounted/marked down to the outlet price and yes, the employees do get a discount on the outlet items. For the limited edition items, the SAs usually tuck the item(s) right away in a drawer instead of putting it out on the sales floor. Depending on the SA, sometimes they'll try to talk me into buying back the item at the reduced/outlet price :p The SAs at my local outlets are such sweethearts, that's why I'd rather return the boutique items to their stores and give the SAs the opportunity to purchase them, especially the limited edition, at a great price.
  11. I think it's great that they get marked down to outlet prices! I've never seen a boutique piece at my outlet, but I think my outlet is totally crappy.

    If you think about it though, you can abuse the system that way. Have a friend buy a bag at a boutique, return it at an outlet, and have you buy it at the outlet price. It's probably not widespread knowledge though.
  12. They likely get the same discount that they would normally get. It's just an outlet item since that is where it was returned.