Do all speedies come with locks?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just received my speedy 35and noticed there is no lock. I got on on my 30 so I was wondering if I should call to see if I can get my lock?
  2. yes the 35 should come with them
  3. yes my mini lin did && it came from elux
  4. Hmm...I know some people don't get locks and keys with their speedys. But you SHOULD have one; call them up!
  5. mine did...go ring them up now...
  6. mine does and my sa gave me one with a pretty number! hahaha
  7. i think all speedy comes with a lock unless they forgot!! haha :smile:
  8. Yep you should get your lock + 2 keys.
  9. my min lin has it too.
  10. even the mini HL has one! go get yours! :yes:
  11. It should.... definately call them up! And check in your bag you might find it
  12. i think all do, give them a ring and tell them u didnt get one. they should send one out for you cos my cousin's friend didnt get hers and she rang and got one through the post.