Do all Prada stores have a store credit only return policy?

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  1. I was going to be put on a list for the fairy bag at a Prada store. The Sa sent me a form to fill out and on the bottom in bright letters it states no cash or credit card returns. Store credit only within 10 days.

    Is this the case with all Prada boutiques or just this one. If it is Prada's policy that is really a major turnoff.
  2. YEP..its their policy!!!
  3. Thanks Jill. Do you know if I have a prayer of getting one through a department store like Saks. I like their return policies better.
  4. almost all high end designer boutiques have an inflexible return policy unfortunately. it's very difficult for people who don't live near stores where they can see the bags in person. exchanges and store credit isn't always the best solution either. what if you don't find anything else you like or want? good luck on finding the fairy bag at Saks!
  5. Yes, that is why I like a department store. I think Chanel lets you get a refund at least. That is what I do not like about Prada's. You are right- the only Prada I want right now is the fairy bag. If there is something wrong with my bag then I have 2k stuck in a Prada store credit.