Do all pens come with Leaflet Stylo?

  1. After some thinking, I decided to go ahead and get a LV pen to match my new gold agenda. I wanted to save on tax and shipping, so I ordered from Eluxury.

    Well, I received it today and it's gorgeous (I went for plain gold one)! However, I also received a Leaflet Stylo with it...what is it (it's still sealed, so I can't see what's inside - not opening it yet in case I change my mind about the pen)??? It looks like a little booklet. Does it come with every pen (does LV give them when you buy pens in stores, too?)?

    I really hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question...

    Thank you very much!
  2. Gosh, I have no clue. I really want the nails agenda pen in black....or whatever it's called now.