Do all Nordstrom's carry Gucci?

  1. Just curious because I have a gift certificate. TIA
  2. Hi, The only Nordies I know that carries Gucci is in Seattle its the Nordies flagship store. There are others i think but I'm not sure which ones.
  3. yeah, along with Seattle they have now expanded the handbag collection in Bellevue Square and they have Gucci as well as others too. aaooooo!!
  4. Hmmm.I was curious about the KOP one in particular..I'm hoping so :smile:
  5. No, not not all Nordstroms have Gucci. I know here in Phoenix/ Scottsdale that they would not have one, because there is a Gucci Boutique in the same mall across LV.;)
  6. mssmelanie, I'm going to PA tomorrow to visit my bf for the weekend. I was going to stop by KOP anyways, I can check it for you.
  7. Mine doesn't :sad:
    Mine doesn't carry jack!
  8. I don't shop KOP often, but I don't think it does. Usually when there are a lot of high end stores in one place, they brand is usually in one or two places.

    As for my Nordies, they don't sell it at this time, but my SA said that it might be coming soon.
  9. Nordstrom at the Mall of America certainly doesn't.
  10. Thanks Sunny! :smile: I'm hoping they do.
  11. Ok, Just came back from KOP. They don't carry Gucci bags. They told me the only nordstrom that carries Gucci bags is their downtown Seattle nordstrom.
  12. my nordstroms carries gucci shoes, no bags though :sad:
  13. The Gucci shop is not in the Seattle store that I know of. Its in the Bellevue Square store in Bellevue, near Seattle. If you need help, call there and ask for Adrienne or Jamie. They are the SAs that work the Gucci Shop there (425) 455-5800
  14. When I was at the KOP Nordstrom, they looked it up and also gave me the info at their downtown seattle nordstrom. lol...I have it here on a piece of paper I wrote down. 206-628-2111 and said that you could ask for Preston. But mssmelanie you live in NJ so I don't know if this is helpful.
  15. thanks Sunny! That was sweet of you go get that info. I'm sure I can find something else I can spend the GC on at Nordstrom's ;)