Do all Macys sell Coach??

  1. Hm. I was at the macys in my mall today (Hudson Valley Mall if anyone knows it.) It useto be a Filines and recently switched over. I know for awhile the Filines had been selling Dooney & Bourke but they were retuned Dooney's from other stores. So now im wondering if their going to be getting Coach in. The purse section of the store is pretty big and right now they have Fossil and Liz Claborne bags (which i never liked for some reason) But Now im curious as to if they will be getting Coach in. I Was at another mall today too in Albany and they had a HUGE Coach selection. More choices than the Coach store in the mall. They had the majority of Shoes and Bags that are pretty new PLUS all the Dooney & Bourke items that weren't returns.But then again that store was 2 floors and an origanal Macy's. So the question is "Is my macys going to get REAL designer brands or am I stuck with sucky brands that I don't like?"

    :heart: Jenn :heart:
  2. my macy's sells coach, but i don't know if all of them are like that
  3. nope, not all of them do.
    mine doesn't, unfortunately. the only time they have coach is if someone (ususally me) returns something.
  4. Maybe its becuase mine is so small? I hope they get them in soon. Im going insane here. Im almost considering buying a fake becuase i havent bought one in so long:crybaby:
  5. No not all of them do, but all the ones I go to have sold coach.
  6. My Macy's sells Coach, but they were a Marshall Field's prior to becoming Macy's and they have always carried Coach. I do not know if Macy's intends to change the stock of the stores they took over or continue most of the same lines, but I imagine that if they will be changing it will take a while before they do.
  7. The Marshells I work at sells them. But their all the ones im allergic too. Yes im allergic to purses. The old ones with fur on them. I don't even know what kind of fur it is but if I even touch it I break out in hives. It's a shame too becuase the one that was there last night was really cute :sad:
  8. Same here :smile: Nothing looks to have changed after turning into Macy's.
  9. Ours did not until they closed down the Strawbridge Store (which sold Coach). Now it does.
  10. Im seriously sick of my town haha. No real designer bags anywhere for miles!! everywhere sells replicas or replica replicas (like the ugly LV replicas with P's or something on them) The closest place to buy real designer stuff here is either Pokispie (which is an hour drive) Or Albany (which is almost 2 hours) And with Gas prices and tolls its costing a bag or 2 just to get there lol. There should be atleast one store in every town that sells REAL designer bags. A girl can dream can't she ;]
  11. Our Macys down here used to sell Coach when they were Hecht's but they don't anymore. I don't think they even sell D & B anymore.
  12. All the Macys I've been to carry Coach, and I've been to quite a few.
  13. In 5 malls locally

    Westshore has TONS of Coach and usually some 25-50% off

    Citrus has Coach in Macy's and Dillards (OK selection)

    University has minimal selection in Dillards and none in Macy's

    Brandon has like 5-6 at a time in Macy's and a whole booth for Coach

    International Mall has the Coach store! Oh and Nordies
  14. The Macy's near my work doesn't sell Coach...the only designer bags they carry are D&B.

    However, there are two other Macy's around my area that have Coach...really nice ones, too!
  15. Maybe I should complain? write a letter to my Macys explaing my love for Coach and D&B and demand they sell them ;]