Do All LVs Have Date Codes?

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  1. I'm looking at my new Manhattan PM and cannot find the date code. I purchased it at the LV dept. at Macys in NY so I know it's authentic (well it better be!).

    Also, I received the cloth bag and box but nothing else like a warranty card. Did I get everything?

  2. :yes: Everything has a date code.I don't own one so I don't know where to look.There's no warranty card but two tags.Oh congrats on you new bag!:flowers:
  3. It should have one - look inside the inner pocket along the seam.

    There are no warranty cards given, just care booklets depending on the line. Damier and Mono don't come with care booklets.

    Congrats on a gorgeous bag! Please post pics of you wearing it! :yes:
  4. The Manhattan PM has a datecode stamped on the inside of the inner pocket. If you are facing the pocket, it is on the right. It is kinda hard to see, I had a hard time locating mine as well, but it should be there. Congrats on such a beautiful bag...I love mine!!!
  5. inside the inside pocket along the seam.
  6. Ok, I found it! :yahoo: Boy, what I sight I was here at work-- dumped out all my stuff on my desk, looking like a maniac.

    The code is S00056-- what does this mean? Also, I didn't get the two cards someone said I should have received. I guess it doesn't matter since I don't plan to ever sell it but it would have been nice to have. Think I should try to contact the SA and get them?
  7. May 2006, mine is 1 month older than don't really 'need' the cards, but if it bothers you, call the SA and see what they say.
  8. Congrats on the new bag!
  9. That's probably SD 0056. The first two letters stand for the place it was made and the first and third numbers are the month 05 and the second and fourth numbers are the year 06. So your bag was made in May of 06!!!
  10. What about hard sided luggage? I have a boite flacons that does not have a date code and it is 100% authentic.
  11. I can't tell if it's a SD or SO. It says it was made in the US. Where is do they make them here?
  12. Boites do not have date codes, they have serial numbers.
  13. Thank you Lulilu!!
  14. not every LV item comes with date code like the long strap that i bought for my alma doesn't have date code. BUT my current long strap that i bought for my Baggy has date code. by the way, all the straps above have to be bought seperately. also i cannot find the date code for my small papillon that comes with my papillon 30. i have been looking for it for ages.
  15. ^^ the little pap that comes with the pap 30 doesnt have one.
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