do all LV dust bags have "made in" tags?

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  1. I couldn't find any information in the Authentication thread specifically about dust bags. Can anyone confirm whether they have "Louis Vuitton" (after 2000s) dust bag WITHOUT a tag?
    I'm somewhat certain the dust bag I purchased off eBay is fake. Most importantly there is no tag. The fabric is also thinner and the stitching goes downward rather than diagnonal. This is a drawstring bag and I don't have a similar one to compare it to. My other fold-over bags all have made-in tags and have the same exact diagonal stitching linen fabric. The string on this dust bag is also a soft yarn with loose ends. I have a mini drawstring key bag that has a much tighter woven string that is burn sealed at the end. If anyone can provide some insight that would help me a lot.
    dust bag 1.JPG
    dust bag 2.JPG
  2. All dustbags that came with my bags have a "made in" tag in them and all bags are bought 2009 and after.
  3. Are some made in China?