Do all LV boutiques carry the catalogs/brochures?

  1. I was in the Ala Moana boutique picking up my beloved Sophie :love: and was chatting with the SA. She was so sweet and was showing me the Pomme D'amour and some monogram wallets. She asked me if I wanted her to include whatever catalogs/brochures that they currently had. She gave me the presents its Icons, automne hiver 2006-2007 souliers and le catalogue maroquinerie Louis Vuitton.

    She mentioned that they might begin charging for these in the future and that mainland stores are already doing this. Is this true?
  2. i always thought that depending on your SA, you either get them or you dont.
  3. I've always shopped at the Ala Moana boutique and in the past I received postcards in the mail to stop by hte boutique to pick up the newest catalog. Hasn't been like that in awhile though. Not sure how it works outside of Hawaii. By the way, did they have a lot of the new red? I am planning on ditching my DH today and stopping by the boutique. :smile:
  4. yeah, the icon is around 30 bucks in sydney
  5. rileygirl, they did have a lot of the red, but she said that it was going fast. It's so beautiful in person. The heart change purse sold out as soon as they got it in. She mentioned that since the color was here to stay, they were constantly getting in more shipments.

    Have you ever shopped at the Hilton Hawaiian boutique? Since they are smaller and less popular, they often will have much shorter waitlists and items that aren't at the Ala Moana.
  6. Thanks for the 411 colleen03. I've been to the Hilton Hawaiian but only when I am at the Hotel for a party or business. I am at Ala Moana every week (total shop-aholic) and I rarely get to Waikiki since the parking and traffic is soooo bad.

    Did you get anything besides the Sophie? Ala Moana did my call back for the bag too but not sure. I want to pick up the red cles....but I'll have to ditch my hubby to do so since I already got three LVs in the last two weeks. This forum is badddddddddddd for my spending!!!!!

  7. The colour is here to stay? :nuts: I thought that it was only a 6-month program, like most other colours?!
  8. Karman, I am a total newbie, so excuse my lack of knowledge. The SA said that the color was not LE, so they would be getting in more. The color probably will just have a regular rotation and then they'll change? I don't know for sure.

    Rileygirl, Ala Moana is definitely more convenient, but the Hilton Hawaiian will validate. I only picked up the Sophie, but I also picked up one for my mom.:smile: My hubby bought me the Horizontal Lockit for Christmas, so I'm not buying anything else for a little while. I've been eyeing the wallets for V-day though....
  9. Well, I predict that if you keep visiting here you'll be getting the wallet soon. My hubby bought me the mono wallet with zip for xmas and I am loving it. I also got the Sophie and the Damier Speedy!!! So bad. Right now I am trying to decide what I am going to get when I go to Ala Moana today but I think it is the vernis cles. If they don't have it at Ala Moana I'll try Hilton. Thanks for the tip!!! Now I just have to get motivated to get out of bed. LOL
  10. Yep they charge about $12 for the catalog here.