Do ALL LV bags have a date code??

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  1. I was just looking into my Manhattan PM and couldn't find the date code. Then I remembered that I haven't noticed one in my MC Trouville either, so I went and checked. I can't find the date code in that bag as well. :confused1:

    I've never thought to check before because I bought both of them from the LV Boutique.

    Did these bags come with a date code? If so, does anyone know what part of the bag it's located in?

  2. Both of those bags should come with the datecode. For the manhattan PM try looking inside the interior pocket. I think it's in there along the seam. I can double check mine when I get home.
  3. :yes: They're heatstamped onto the alcantra so they're a bit hard to catch. As LV Love said look inside the pocket near the seams.
  4. Exactly....hard to see sometimes.
  5. Yes, and if the bag is older sometimes the heatstamp on the alcantara fades or rubs away so it may be REALLY hard to find. Especially with the red alcantara interior it is hard to see. But don't worry it should be there, both of those bags are relatively new models.
  6. Yep, I found it heat stamped inside the interior pocket just like you said. Thank you. :sweatdrop: Started to worry there for a minute. :s

    Thanks again! I know I can always count on someone here to know the answers.:yes:
  7. Does anyone know where to find the date code on a Saleya PM? I just received one as a gift from my dad and I was looking all over it and couldn't find it and it has started to worry me!
  8. I have 15 Louis Vuitton bags. They ALL have serial numbers on them, no matter if they were from six years ago when I first started collecting or from this past weekend, when I bought my most recent. However, this past weekend I also bought a damier wallet called the zippy organizer. I bought it from the Louis Vuitton store in White Plains, N.Y. Anyway, I checked up on eBay to see how much cheaper I could have gotten it if I bought it used (paid $675) and the similar damier wallets on eBay had serial numbers imprinted in them. This got me thinking: Even after a close inspection, from every possible angle, mine has no serial number. Could it be possible I bought a fake that someone returned to the store? It seems so genuine, the same quality as all my other bags, but I am going to return it if my suspicions about the lack of a serial number turn out to be true. What do you think?
  9. you probably just missed it.
  10. No, seriously ... I have checked every square inch of this thing: no serial number, anywhere.
  11. LV have serial numbers? :confused1: I thought only date codes.
  12. People usually call date codes "serial numbers". Not sure why... Let's clear something up:

    Model/"Serial" Number example: M45257

    Date Code: CA0057

    Which one are you referring to? If you purchased it from the boutique, there's no need to worry about the authenticity of the item. Don't freak out if you can't find the date code automatically. They are A LOT harder to find on wallets. Most date codes on wallets are heat stamped along the seam of the wallet in one of the compartments.
  13. OK, the "date code." I'm sorry to be confusing. It does have a serial number, on the tag that came with it. However, it has no date code. I have checked in every crevice, every pocket, everywhere. I am a pro at this, having bought and sold a few bags on eBay (when you need to find the serial number to prove authenticity). Anyway, yes, I did get this at the LV store, but I am concerned because there is not a serial number at all that it was a returned fake item and they unknowingly resold it to me. I guess I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this. (I also noticed my wallet has a different zipper pull, the new zipper pull, which is rounded and says "Louis Vuitton," as opposed to the one pictured on eLuxury (which just says "LV" and appeared on older bags and wallets).
  14. Perhaps I should do some photos to prove it?
  15. ^^
    I think some of the pictures on eluxury may be outdated.... for example, the Cabas Piano and Cabas Mezzo (elux's pics show both bags with the old chads (flat/rectangular metal things that hold the strap to the bag, and the newer chads on those purses look like the chads on the Speedy). I would recommend looking at the pictures of the wallets on the actual LV website because it would be more updated - check out the Cabas Mezzo to see what I mean on both websites. That would be another way for you to verify if the wallet you purchased was "real".

    If you feel uncomfortable about your new wallet then return it to the LV store that you purchased it from and compare it to another wallet of the same type.... but I wouldn't worry too much because if an LV item was returned to the store, it would be scrutinized by the SAs before being accepted for return - they can spot a fake and wouldn't accept the item if they thought it was a fake.
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