Do all LV bags come in a box?

  1. Hi all
    Just wondering...I bought my Damier Pochette from LV at Neiman's and noticed I only got it with the dustbag and no box. Should it have come with a box :shrugs:? If so, could I go back and ask for one?
  2. They should always come in a box... if you asked for one. Sure, you can go back and ask for one, just say you are giving it away as a gift and need a box - I am sure they'll be happy to give you one.
  3. ah thank you! :smile:
  4. As it's rather humid where I live, the SA advised me not to keep my LVs in boxes and to keep the bags unzipped in storage.
    My pochette and wallet came with boxes, though the irony is that I would use them all the time whilst I switch my bags around. :rolleyes:
  5. Last time when I asked for box i got that horrible evenlopes... Yes you can ask for hard-sided box.
  6. Unless they have run out, they should give you one if you ask.
  7. i alwasy get the box..
  8. sometimes you have to ask. but i hate that! i make sure to tell them to giftwrap my stuff now. they get the point!
  9. If you go to the boutique gift boxes are available if you ask for gift wrap. They don't always give out the gift boxes. You could request for a box and there's no harm if you went back to ask for one either.