Do all Kooba bags from a sample sale have a mark in the pocket?

  1. I purchased a bag that the seller bought from a sample sale and there is no marking in the pocket. I was reading ChristiD's Kooba guides and she states that ALL sample sale bags will have this mark? Is this correct? My bag seems completely authentic and I bought it from what seemed to be a trustworthy seller. This guide is now making me nervous.
  2. Can you post pics in the "Authenticate This Kooba" thread? Perhaps we could be of some help! :tup:
  3. i think it depends where they bought it? cause i have def been to sample sales some where they mark them and some where they dont (kooba sample sales)
  4. Thanks! I'm really glad to hear that. This bag looks nothing like the fakes on Ioffer, and I bought it from a trustworthy seller that is a member of the purse forum. I just got nervous when I read ChristiD's review, as it seems she is supposed to know everything, and she said ALL bags from a sample sale would have the mark, or the wouldn't be bought at a sample sale.
  5. dont you worry!!! :smile: PM me the seller or listing if you like ill take a look ive been to a lot of the nyc sample sales!

    the kooba moving sale the 1st time they did marks inside but the second moving sale the bags were brand new in the wrapping and NONE got marked (thats the most recent one)

    and the kooba sales at SSS (the clothing line sample sales)
    They usually mark the bags with a stamp but i have totally been there when the sale wasnt as busy and they didnt use the stamp so dont worry it is def NOT universal ! :smile:
  6. This guide just as others have to be taken as "helpful hints" and not as "Law". I have seen this one and others making broad flat statements...and in this world of ever changing and evolving and improving fakes, it's hard to keep up.
    I think groups like this are better because you get a diverse set of opinions. One person's bags may have all been stamped but Bessie (who knows better than all of us on this one) confirms it's not the case. Taking one person's opinion can be helpful but a bunch of opinions can be more conclusive.
    What I don't like is some of these Guides make you pay for their opinion and even then they may not be able to confirm 100% whether it is fake or real. I've had many many personal PM's asking for authenticity. I always guide that person back to this forum to get the group effort. I've had a gazillion Koobas but I'm not an expert on any. BUT I DO have my opinion...LOL
  7. ITA with Bessie - I'd just like to add that some of my sample sale bags are stamped and some are not. AND some ARE but the inside material is dark so you don't see it - whereas on the lighter ones (sand jillian) you do see it. They're inconsistent. And annoying -
  8. The Kooba showroom in L.A. does NOT mark their bags. However, the Clothingline Sample sale Koobas DO have marks, SOMETIMES. If the buyer purchases a large number of Koobas from Clothingline, ie 10+, Clothingline will stamp the Koobas. Hope that helps.