Do all Key pouches and pochettes have 3Y on the zipper?

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  1. Hello, I have a Key Pouch and I noticed it doesn't have the little 3Y on the front part of the zipper like most I have seen. Is this normal or should I be worried? I did have it authenticated but still wondering why mine doesn't.
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  2. I've never seen that! Can you share a pic?
  3. Which kind do you have? Canvas? Leather?
  4. It's canvas in mono.
  5. Never seen what you're talking about. Are you sure it's authentic? Is it vintage? :useless:
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    My zippy compact wallet has it. (It's out for repairs so I can't show a pic). It's my understanding that not all LV's have the 3y on it, only certain pieces like the zcw.
    Edit- found a pic I used when authenticating ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460005745.798785.jpg
    The 3y was on the inside zipper on the bottom
  7. Here's a picture
  8. My cles doesn't have it either, it looks like the zipper is too small. I do have it on my zippy coin purse. I never knew about the 3Y thing!
  9. One of my canvas cles has that engraved into the zipper's just the zipper manufacturer's coding to say what size and material it's made from. The placement might be dependent on the particular manufacturer who supplied that part to LV and I'm sure LV has more than just one given the company's size and global distribution/manufacturing centres.
  10. My MIF DE Mini Pochette purchased last year does not have a 3Y zipper.
  11. Thanks everyone, someone told me if that wasn't on the zipper it wasn't authentic so I wasn't sure.
  12. I've recently come across a monogram canvas key cles that I'm considering buying, and it also doesn't have the 3Y on the zipper head. I was worried it might be fake, but apparently not all items have it? Anyone has more up-to-date information?
  13. This isn't an indicator of it being either fake or real. If the resller isn't a reputable online one that is proven to sell only authentic, then post detailed pics of the item here under the authentication thread. Good luck!
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  14. Thanks! I have done so, just waiting for more pictures from the seller. I was certain, though, that all LV zippers had the 3Y engraved on them.
  15. I just bought a Mono Cles Key pouch for my niece while in Dublin and there is no 3Y on the zipper. I purchased it myself from the LV boutique inside Brown Thomas so it's definitely authentic but no 3Y.
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