Do ALL Gucci bags go on a SALE???

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  1. Hi I just wanna ask, do ALL Gucci bags go on a SALE?
  2. base on what i know
    nope. only the seasonal ones go on sale.
  3. No, not all. Most of them are the seasonal items altho I seem to remember back in Dec that they had some classics on sale too (and maybe some the last time?).
  4. Not all. I wanted a gucci sig tote last season and decided not to get it because I was worried that it would go on sale in Dec. but it never did...LOL..
  5. i see. thanks! do you think the D-gold and Pelham will go on sale anytime in the future?

  6. I had asked an SA this a few months ago before the sale, and she said no, so I bought the D-gold right on the spot.
  7. i see. i might buy it too. the sale is the only thing holding me up. thanks!
  8. I'm wondering about the tapestry bags.... Anyone think those might go on sale, or is it better to buy now???
  9. I could be wrong, but I think they'll go sale. I think they're seasonal and they look wintery, so I don't think they'll carry them year round.
  10. Sometimes would have a 10% off on everything online & in stock. Not sure how often it happens.